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Why antidepressants?

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  • Why antidepressants?

    I'm unfortunately newly diagnosed. I've had two instills which seemed to help. Yet, I still have lots of belly pain. I am thinking my urologist will suggest an antidepressant next. However, I had horrible side effects with them years ago after I was put on a few when my husband died. I liked being drug free.

    So, my question is why are antidepressants often given as a treatment? Which one seems to have the least side effects?
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    Our doctor explained to us that low dose antidepressants interfere with the pain receptors in the nerve system. My husband takes a very low dose (10 mg) of elavil for arthritis pain and it definitely helps.

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      First I will say that I think Elavil has helped me more than anything else besides the diet. I usually take 25mg at night before bed but if I am in pain I can take 50mg and if I am hurting more the next night I take 75mg. I have to lower the dose back down over 2 or 3 nights so I don't suddenly go from 75mg to 25mg. I haven't had to take 75mg in a year but I still end up taking 50mg when I am on my period. It helps more than tylenol with the pain and it helps me sleep without getting up all night. I do think it helped me with some of the anxiety all the bladder pain and sleep deprivation was causing but that may have gotten better b/c I was sleeping and not in so much pain.

      My doctor said that Elavil is often prescribed for chronically painful things like migraines and fibromyalgia. He said it helps break the cycle of chronic pain and keep it from gearing up again. He was pretty specific when he explained that he was prescribing it to help with pain and not for depression.