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  • Cymbalta helped me

    I just wanted to post that Cymbalta helped me. I don't see many people posting that. I was on it for two years. I started out really low (opened the 20 mg capsule and removed most of those pellet things so that I only took a few to start with, and slowly built up) and got up to 30 mg. It was almost like I didn't have IC at all. The first thing I noticed (on Day 3) was that my bladder seemed more relaxed and I could void better. It just got better and better after that. The burning went away, and my vulvodynia was even under control. I think 40 mg would have been ideal because I still had breakthrough flares sometimes, but they were short-lived and not severe. I had to go off of it due to bad daily headaches from it after a year and a half. It also started making me feel kind of wound up, anxious, and depressed. It actually helped my depression in the beginning, though.

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    Cymbalta helps me with my fibro and my IC too. I take 60mg twice daily, I started at 30 mgs but that leveled off. I have a history of migraines but haven't had any problems with those, thankfully. Sometimes cymbalta can cause retention and that might be why more of us don't take it. For me, it did cause a slight bit of retention in the beginning but thankfully that went away. I'm sorry that you aren't able to take it anymore. Have you thought of trying neurontin? It helps me in the same way that the cymbalta does minus the anti depressant. It might be worth looking into trying, hopefully it will help you.

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      I have been taking Elmiron for years and just recently started up again with the Neuronton and Cymbalta- right now I am taking 30mg -suppose to be taking 60 now but sometimes I think that doctors don't take into consideration the patients weight so I am holding off of it for awhile longer. I know it is now working only after abut 2 weeks as I have started to sleep in now and when I do go to the bathroom for the most part I don't have any pain and when I do usually my heating pad helps with that.


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        I also take Cymbalta and I know it is helping my IC. My spine doc put me on it to help me with musculoskeletal pain and it has helped my back and my IC at the same time!

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        DX'd with IC 5/08
        other Dx's~SVT: had Catheter
        Catheter Ablation Aug 19,2010
        Migraines, PFD, Hypertension,
        Prolapsed Pelvic
        Organs and Degenerative Disc
        Disease, Kidney stones, Insomnia
        Two bulging discs w/tears and osteo
        arthritis in multiple joints in the spine

        Current Meds:Elmiron 400 mg per day
        Benicar Hct 40-25mg for Hypertension
        Norvasc 2.5
        Vicoden as needed for pain
        Cymbalta 30 mg
        Lidoderm Patch

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