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Wondering about antidepressant - tired of opiates

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  • Wondering about antidepressant - tired of opiates

    I have had moderate IC symptoms for just over a year now and have been having bladder instillations because I don't tolerate Elmiron orally (Elmiron instills are fine). I follow a diet that basically avoids acids and caffeine/decongestants (stimulants), and take vicodin and valium to control flares. I take them on a daily basis but increase their doses when I am having distinct flares.

    My MIL who doesn't have IC but has/had fibro, chronic body pain, and some kind of autoimmune arthritis, has been on regular amounts of vicodin/norco (3-4x as much as I take) as well as gets regular toredol shots and other meds. She recently started Cymbalta and has completely quit the vicodin and says she feels the best she's felt in ages. She even took a dog she was sitting for a walk the other day. I am very impressed with her progress right now - she has stayed with the cymbalta for over a month and actually seems kind of happy.

    I, however, have not had good experiences with any antidepressants in the past. I've been on imipramine (tricyclic), I've tried zoloft, paxil, and trazadone, also took ONE celexa, and took ONE flexeril (different times) and both times I was insomniac/semi-manic for 2-3 days, no sleep, exhausted, in pain, tired, etc. The longest I was on any was imipramine and that was for 6-8 months, and my sleep was weird and I gained lots of weight. I wasn't taking it for pain so I can't tell how it worked.

    Basically, I would like to find an antidepressant that might work for me, or some kind of med that would help me with my IC and fibro pain that doesn't totally dope me (valium/vicodin) or make me manic (antidepressants). I'd be curious to hear other people's experiences with antidepressants that DID work after many that didn't, or other medicines that might help or were a surprise benefit to you guys. I just need some kind of help.


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    6/30/2011 - total hysterectomy (vaginal, lap assisted)
    9/15/2010 - first instill (heparin, lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate) - adding Elmiron for the rest of the series (still doing this, 2 the week before my period)
    11/2010 - Uterine ablation with hopes it would calm down abdominal activity - didn't work

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    For me Effexor worked but didn't control the pain to the point where I didn't need pain killers. (I got off it 3 years ago when I was pregnant.) However, I just started on the generic 2 weeks ago and I'm not feeling any better yet. I think it's supposed to take at last 3 weeks and I'm frustrated. My MIL also takes Cymbalta and likes it.
    I tried imipramine and it didn't work for me. Neither did Lyrica (but I don't know if I was on it long enough). Good luck to you.