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  • Elavil or Nortripyline

    ok gals and guys,

    I have been taking Elavil for about 3 years had to cut the pill in half b/c it would really knock me out. Now I guess my body is used to it and I am taking a whole pill but feeling really sleepy all day. But used to it. My uro which is Dr. Evans whooo hooo wants me to take an antidepressent. He did prescribe one and it didn't like me at all made me sick all the time so nope on that one.
    I recently went to my Nuero (head dr) and I told him that I have upped my dose of Elavil to 25 he was concerned about that so he now wants me to change and take Nortripyline. I have read some info on the net about it but I am no Pharmacist or Dr. I don't understand most of it. But, the Nortripyline is used for pain management and to help you sleep. I was taking the Elavil to sleep, (Dr. Evans wanted to kill 2 birds w/ one stone) so I am guessing Dr. Nelson sent from God as well as Dr. Evans. So, I am guessing Dr. Nelson is trying to cure my pain and sleeplessness. Elavil works wonders on me if I wanted to sleep 24/7 but I have a child and he is my life. Any thoughts or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

    "Through God All Things Are Possible"

    Topamax for Migraines 50
    Elavil 12.5 mg
    Lidocaine 2% 10 cc
    Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 5 cc
    Heprain 20,000 Units
    Hydroxyzine 25 mgs
    Valium Sup. 10 mgs.
    Phenegran 25 mgs.
    Amerge 2.5 mgs.
    Lidocaine Gel 2%