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What is the best Anxiety meds with IC

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  • What is the best Anxiety meds with IC

    I need to know what you think? I was on Wellburtin last year when i developed IC.. not sure if it contributed to me getting it.. I started prozac and 2 days ago and i am peeing all the time.. I got the doctor on Monday and i need to know what will work the best with having IC.. please answer!! thanks, Char 158

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    I have had very good luck with Lexapro and klonopin. I have been on these two for ages and i know they didn't cause my IC. I just developed IC this year. You might want to ask your doctor about combining those two. or any other options for anxiety, etc
    -Pammylynn Rose
    Wishing everyone a pain free bladder day!

    Painful symptoms start in May 2011
    Diagnosed with IC in Aug 2011

    Axert (only for rare migraines)
    Strict IC diet
    Gluten/dairy/egg free diet


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      I'm managing very well with meditation, much better than when I used to takes meds for anxiety.


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        Medications can effect us so differently. If you're doing well on a specific medication, I suggest you continue with it. It would be wonderful if we all reacted the same to medications and treatments, wouldn't it?

        Sending gentle hugs,
        Stay safe

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          I agree with Donna. I don't think there are any specific meds that help more or less for IC patients; it's just about finding the best one for you. Like I took Klonopin and Lexapro and had horrid side effects that made me stop taking them. I would just make sure that the medication you choose doesn't interact poorly with any IC meds you are currently taking (if you are).

          I hope you find something to relieve your anxiety!