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hydroxizine = restless, antsy

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  • Dianne
    Yes I can't take any of those types of drugs. I was so wound up I was talking 90mph and was awake for 48 solid hours! They thought I was having some manic break of something til I figured it out. Vistaril, compazine, etc. all do that to me so I can't take them.

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  • dminton
    started a topic hydroxizine = restless, antsy

    hydroxizine = restless, antsy

    Does anyone else out there find that hydroxizine makes you feel restless and not sleep well? It's what's called a paradoxical reaction; the opposite of what you would expect. Well, it sure does it to me! I feel initially drowsy and kind of silly, then I also feel like I can't sleep and I have to move around, can't lie still. Definitely not satisfactory! Thanks for any responses. Diana.