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  • Can you mix ATARAX and ANIDEPRESSANTS???

    Wondering if docs combine ATARAX and ANTIDEPRESSANTS, as I have always heard that antihistamines and antidepressants don't mix. I am on small dose of WEllBUTRIN for my moods and would like to try ATARAX. It sounds promising. Especially since I have very bad allergies. I must have alot of Histamine floating around in there.
    Thank you. Can you mix ATARAX and ANTIDEPRESSANTS???

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    I am on Paxil and Atarax, so I don't think there would be a problem with you taking Wellbutrin and Atarax. I would call your Doctor to make sure though! Good luck!
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      I don't think they interact. Talk to your uro. I've taken atarax with an antidepressant before with no problems. I am actually doing that now (atarax and elavil).



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        I dont think that they interact either .I take Atarax,Elavil and Celexa.


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          reply to drug interactions

          Well...I'm on lexapro and Atarax...along with a zillion or so other pills. I'm just sleepy all the time. But I don't think you'll be harmed

          PS...Me too in terms of Allergies and my belief that I must have a ton of mast cells floating around. It truly bites the big one.

          Good your doc if you're really concerned! T
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