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Clariten is that IC safe????

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  • Clariten is that IC safe????

    Hi friends:

    I have clogged ears and my ear dr. thinks it could be allergies or eastahion tube dsyfunction and wants me to take Clariten today.....

    Is Clariten IC safe?

    thanks friends

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    Hi, input on stuff for a really sore, sore, throat, I think it is going around with that cold, I know we have it up here in the Pacific Northwest. Any ideas. would be helpful, sound like a croaky frog right now. I see my usual Nurse practitioner for my IC check up on Friday, see if it is tonsillitis, I know I am prone to that. Ribbet, ribbet, croaky green frog Iris blah blah
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      I'm not sure if Clartin is technically IC friendly, but I take it and it's never bothered me personally.

      Hope you feel better!

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        I don't know about Clartin. I have had good luck with Allegra and Zurterc (without the decongestant).


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          I also take Allegra (80mg 2 x a day) and I think it has helped my issues. Never heard about Claritan. Good Luck. :p


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            I have been fine with Clariten, but flare terribly with Clariten-D. Decongestants are not good!

            Good luck,


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              I live in the UK...

              here, several people on the boards swear that Clarityn actually helps their bladders and i have noticed this too....

              i don't think it can harm you, but you should always take care if you are taking other drugs as well....ask your dr or pharmacist as some combinations may be harmful.

              Clarityn is loratidine.....

              hope this helps.



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                I guess if we are comparing, I can take Clariten but not Claritin fact, I was on Clariten D when my internist put all the pieces together and sent me to a urologist for the first time. It felt like battery acid was in my bladder.

                Good luck..........I do have luck using Afrin once or twice when I am sinusy......and I use NasalCrom all the time.....that is great stuff.

                Hope this helps!
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                  I had Atarx prescribe to me by my uro (it is an antihitamine) I couldn't take it-it gave me heart palpitations. I had read on a website that Claritin is good for IC patients as an alternative.

                  Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!


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                    Claratin (not Claratin D) should be fine.


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                      I am on the elmiron cocktail, which intales taking 600mg elmrion a day, with 10mg claratin and 25mg of **** pill (which I refuse to take as it messes me up mentally)

                      So yes clartain (not the D) is supposedly good for bladders and allergys.

                      Cause I have to take it with the elmiron, my isurance covers it, I get it for less than 25 cents a pill vs $1 a pill otc..... good luck!


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                        Just Clariton an over the counter drug, or must we have a perscription??


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                          It's over the counter.

                          Stay safe

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