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Cimetidine working for IC

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  • Cimetidine working for IC

    I’m using 400mg Cimetidine twice a day and it’s working really well at reduced my IC symptoms.

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    What is Cimetidine? And what symptoms do you have? That’s great you found something to help! =)


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      Ohh silly me... I googled Cimetidine and realized I knew what it was, I just had a little brain you take any other meds for your IC?


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        Cimetidine helps a lot of ICers. I'm glad it's working for you --- I haven't seen any posts about it for a while --- thank you for sharing.

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          Well I have been having Cystistat bladder installations but the hospital appointments have become erratic so I requested Cimetidine and it works well at taking the pain away. I also use Prelief, D-Mannose and when I get a bad flare Azo.


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            I’m glad you are doing well and found relief. That’s always a good feeling. =)


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              How much Cimetidine do you take? Is it daily or only when in pain? Have any of you tried Famotidine? Thanks.


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                I take 400mg twice per day. I am in UK and Cimetidine is recommended as an IC treatment by our NHS. Famotidine is not, neither is Ranitidine. Cimetidine works well for me but is quite an old medicine so slightly harder for the pharmacist to get hold of.