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  • Hydroxine

    Hi everyone, I just tried hydroxine yesterday. I’ve never tried it before, and I felt sleepy and relaxed, which was a bit nice since I’ve been so stressed out the last few weeks with dealing with all the symptoms and accepting this diagnosis before I go to the urologist in a few weeks.

    The worst symptom for me is constantly feeling like I have to go to the bathroom with no relief at all. I’d love to feel normal again and just go when I have to and feel relief, but I know that’s everyone’s wish.

    I wanted to check if there are any medications that are worth trying to help with that constant need to go? I have pain too, but the worst is the constant pressure to go to the bathroom.

    I think for now I’ll test out the hydroxine only at night, and during the day I just started taking Bladder Rest and D Mannose supplements.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this!

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    I think it can be important when trying new things to start them one at a time --- that way, if any are a problem, it will be easier to identify those.

    Stay safe

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      I have the same problem with the constant need to go and pain. I’m looking for the same relief... I know it can take several meds or treatments to find what works.


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        Steelerfan, thanks for your response! Was there anything that worked for you in the past for the need to go? I think I’m going crazy I just keep freaking out and crying over it!


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          Hi Jess22, I have thebsame issue of needing to go all the time and burning pain. Definitely agree with Donna be careful to only add one thing at a time to make sure you don't flare and have to stop everything.
          What helped me was hydroxyzine, urelle/ uribel, a muscle relaxant (for me valium) and lots of pelvic floor physio.
          I'm also currently flaring and have that same urge back again so going through my list and trying to get back into remission. Good luck!
          Diagnosed IC and PFD February 2016. Before this I had minor IC symptoms for 6 years.
          Other diagnosis: IBS, Chronic Sinusitis & Rhinitis, Iron deficiency


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            Lecoffee4life, thank you so much for your response, I’ll look into those! And good luck to you too I hope you feel better soon!


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              Anyone taking hydroxizine, how long did you take it before seeing a difference?


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                I was here a long time ago and have been in remission for years now. Since I'm now home a lot due to the virus I thought I'd see how the community here was doing. I took hydroxyzine for quite a long time when my bladder pain was active. It did help me especially for sleeping. It did however lower my blood pressure quite a lot.