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Pepsid Flare?

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  • Pepsid Flare?

    My doctor says i have a Mast Cell Syndrome that is exacerbating my other health issues and she's putting me on an H2 and H1 Antihistamine protocol. Due to the recent recall of H2 Antihistamines Axid and Zantac she said the only one she felt was safe for me was Pepsid. Turns out its probably what's causing my bladder pain(penetrating irritation, tightness,spasms causing retention). Is there any consensus on this forum archive about what's best to try in this category of antihistamines? I feel backed-up in a corner with this.

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    I can't really answer your question, but I did find a web site with some comparisons --- --- I have taken meclizine (for vertigo) and cimetidine (indigestion) at different times with no bladder problems --- you might ask your doctor about those. There are some ICers who take cimetidine to help with bladder symptoms.

    Good luck! Let me know how you are doing.

    Stay safe

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      Holy smokes!!!!! ANOTHER ONE!!! Sorry; I'm just so excited; literally the exact same thing happens to me and I have MCAS and I haven't met another "mastie" like that before (although the ones I've talked to didn't seem surprised because we can react to like anything).

      For me, it depends partly on brand and partly on dosage, but if it's the wrong one of either, I'll get urinary retention (sore kidneys, feeling like I have to 'go' constantly, nausea), diarrhea sometimes, and bladder pain. Sometimes I'll get a mixture of both, sometimes just bladder or sometimes just kidneys. I do know that I can't cross a certain 'threshold' when it comes to dosage, even with H1s and H2s that I tolerate well. I can't take ranitidine 150mg 2x a day AND Claritin 10mg 2x a day without retention, for example. I did okay with 5mg of Claritin for a while; it was the safest for me. But in the end, I had to add in oral Cromolyn Sodium and then I could quit the H1 entirely and just take the H2. But even those can bother me: some brands of ranitidine behind the counter (Sivem) bothered my bladder, while the Apotex I was fine with. The white pepcid seems fine for me, but it feels "strong" if that makes sense. Much stronger than the prescription famotidine. If that's still available, I'd look into that because dosage may be your problem, not brand.
      There are so many H1s to try, it might be worth sticking with your Pepcid and playing around with the right combo of H1s too?

      Good luck!


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        Hi. sorry so long since you posted but if its mast cells definitely Sodium Cromolyn can help and ketotifen. with them start really slow. also diet look at low histamine diet. antihistamines is hit and miss.
        laura_ess I have MCAS -there are great groups on FB that are super helpful. also check out Tina Peers for good info on supplements that can help MCAS.