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Do antihistamines take time?

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  • Do antihistamines take time?

    I started hydroxyzine 2 weeks ago, it feels like it might be doing something and I was wondering from those of you who are helped by antihistamines, does it take time to start working? About how long? And do things usually get better the longer you take it if it is helping? Im on 50mgs right now and I will probably go to 75mgs soon. I was just wondering!! Thank You

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    I think for me it was about 2-3 weeks (maybe longer, lol) to get some positive feedback on it. I think it's one of those that kind of has to build up a bit.... That is one med for me I would never give up, it's helped me out so much!!!
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      Thanks traceann!! For 2 weeks or so I believe its been really helping, but today things seem to be trying to act up. Have you felt this way and had it pass even though the medication is working? Im so scared that I finally found something to help after trying everything over the past 10 years with no help at all. Its like this is just a coincidence that i am feeling better and its just going to stop. I pray that the medicine it what has made me do better and that it continues


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        I guess I am bumping up to 75 tonight because I starting to feel the same old things. Is this a drug that is dose dependant? Could it have been helping a little at 50 but I need a higher dose? I was also wondering if anyone knows what can cause you to have to urinate soo much. I go quite often and theres a lot that comes out each time and it doesnt matter how much I am drinking? Thanks
        One other thing to those of you taking antihistamines, have you noticed that while taking it helps a lot do you still have bad times, like maybe its not working? I know I sound a little insane but I have my hopes up so high for this to work (like I said before nothing has ever helped at all in 10 to 12 years)


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          Did the antihistamines help with the frequency/urgency?


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            Im not sure if I can answer that since I have only been on it 2 weeks, but I thought it was helping with the urethral burning.


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              I read that 75 mg is the correct dosage, but that the doctor should start a IC patient out on 25 mg and progress to 75 over the course of a month.

              My doctor has only given me a 25 mg dose nightly. (I am going to call my doctor to see if she should up my dosage to 75). It seems to be helping, too. I take that and Elmiron, and sometimes percocet for pain. I have also been receiving weekly bladder installations, so to tell you the truth I'm not sure what is helping. But the combo seems to be working for me.

              I used to have 10 bad days to 2 good days, but after treatment I have 10 good and 2 or more bad.

              Good luck!

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                Just wondering if anyone else knows if it takes time and if it dose dependant. I have upped it to 50mgs 2x a day. I just cant understand why it would help for 2 weeks get my hopes up and then everything returned to the same ol crap.


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                  hydroxyzine - dosage?

                  I was wondering what the typical range of hydroxyzine dosage is for I.C. I started out taking 25 mg once, then twice, then 3 times a day. Does anyone take more? It helped at first but seems to wear off more quickly now... Wondering if anyone found it helpful to take 50 mg twice daily or 3-4 times daily?

                  Going to see the urologist for a follow up appointment, but it takes a while to get in...



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                    I just started Hydroxyzine at 25 mg today. I am still on Elmiron and occasionally Buscupan. When I get the burning/itching feeling in my bladder I really think allergy. I have only been working on IC with my regular doctor. He is referring me to a Urologist and a dietitian.
                    Interstitial Cystitis: Elmiron and Hydroxyzine
                    Depression/Anxiety: Remeron, Cipralex and Clonazepam

                    *tried instills for nearly a year, had a break then started again for about 4 months...discontinued due to no improvement and increased flares
                    * 2 hydrodistentions :

                    * currently on "Nabilone" for pain management

                    Taken the following:
                    Gabapentin no relief but could tolerate it
                    Lyricano relief but could tolerate it
                    Cymbalta severe depression/anxiety etc.
                    Topamax severe nausea and weight loss
                    Oxycodone: I could tolerate if I used it for flares only...not for extended use due to constipation

                    What helps IC: yoga/meditation are my current treatments along with chiropractic and pelvic physiotherapy and acupuncture

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                    Severe IBS
                    Chronic Sinus pain (nasal rinse as need)
                    Lower back and sacroiliac joint disfunction

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                      Hydroxyzine with elavil has been my savior. I started it in the midst of a horrendous flare and within about 2 weeks the pain has went a way. There are some days depending if I eat something I shouldnt that the urgency will come back, but the hydroxyzine does help rather quickly. It also helps you fall asleep if u take it at bed time. Good luck!

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                      Elmiron 2 3x a day
                      hydrocodiene for pain

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                        does anyone know the generic name for hydroxine? I am from Oz land and I can not find hydroxine.
                        Formerly lorenab


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                          I'm sorry I've never heard of hydroxine--- but if you mean hydroxyzine that is the generic for Atarax. Sorry not much help.


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                            I have been taking hydroxyzine 25mg three times a day for EC (Eosinophillic Cystitis). I have been taking it for two weeks and have not seen any progress. Does anybody know if it helps the inflammation in the bladder?


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                              I get the "generic" brand of Atarax and it is called "Hydroxyzine"