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Do antihistamines take time?

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    I only take 25 mg. at bedtime. I do not know how anyone could take during the day. I would be sleeping 24/7. Altough, that would be good for about a week, to catch up on my sleep. I find it helps me the most during allergy season here in Tennessee. I haven't noticed that it helps with pain, because I stay in pain, but it does help with Valium at bedtime to stay asleep for about 6 hours without having to go to the potty. When I see my dr. next I am going to ask maybe uping to 50 mg. at bedtime, and see if that helps.

    I can tell you one thing I missed two nights taking last week, ran out and hadn't been to pharmacy and boy my allergies were so bad, I had to take out contacts, get allergy meds for eyes, etc. Once I started back, eyes, headache, etc. cleared right up, I mean overnight. It must be one powerful antihistime.