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  • phenergan

    Has anyone had any experience with this med? I'm trying to find something to help with vertigo that doesn't aggravate IC. I've tried Antivert which caused not only my bladder to burn but my legs & feet were also on fire. I appreciate any info. Thanks.

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    I think this is for nausa. I am not sure about it as IC safe.. Hope some one will be able to answer your question.
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      I have taken it quite a bit, I have periods of extreme nausea, I don't think it made my ic worse, but did help me be able to eat. When my thyroid acts up, I go through this nausea where I can't move or I think I will get sick, I don't get dizzy like Vertigo. I would try it and see.


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        Thanks for your reply. I feel I'm running out of options. I've tried so many things that failed I thought I would check here first this time. Thanks again!


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          I take 25 mg phenergan with pain meds to keep me from being nauseated. When I had vertigo, I took meclezine (doctor's order) and it didn't effect my IC. I keep it on hand all the time now so if I get even a tiny twinge of vertigo I can take it. Meclezine is over the counter, but you usually have to ask the pharmacist for it.

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