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  • Hydroxyzine

    I have not taken Hydroxyzine for awhile now BUT I need to get started back on it. I do remember when I took it before I seemed to be very sleepy the next day. Here's my question: when starting out taking it, should I get up at the same time every day and then just not go away from home for about a week OR should I just wake up when I wake up? The reason I am asking is:
    1-I have a 3 year old, 2-She and I belong to a couple "playgroups" and we would like to attend things with them, 3-Church on Sunday (service starts at 10, 4-Grocery shopping, etc...Just trying to figure out what is the best way to start taking it again.

    Also, is it best to take it right before bed OR an hour or so before your actually bedtime? AND is there anything that I may eat or drink that may increase the tireness the next day?

    Thank You,

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    I would start off ant the loest dose possible, and after a week increas it if you are instructed to do so by the doctor. I take 75mg, an hor before I go to bed, I get up when Jake gets up. thats pretty much beteen 7 and 8 am.
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      If you take it earlier, it will wear off earlier and it should be easier to wake up. That overwhelming tiredness should wear off after your body re-adjusts to the medication. Good luck with it!
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        I just started

        I just started 50mg on 05/05 Today is 05/10

        It doesn't make me sleepy at all. I wish it did.
        So far, no improvement w/ frequency yet.

        I've been on AZO for two weeks straight now.
        I fear I may have permantly died my insides Orange.

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