I just started taking Atarax last Thursday and I think it may be helping although I guess it's too soon to tell. I am also avoiding a lot of the IC food triggers but have still caved in and had espresso and milk with some Prelief. Today I tried drinking a Dr. Pepper with Prelief and it seems to bother me more than my milk and espresso. I've had no more problems with seeing stars but have not been using the Atarax every single night since I also have to take Ambien in order to sleep. Atarax alone does not make me very sleepy but when mixed with the Ambien (pharmacist said it was okay to take a few hours later) then I end up with a lot of next day grogginess. Maybe this is due to the cut back in coffee too? Also some nights when my muscles ache badly I have to take Ativan instead. So it looks like I will be taking the Atarax maybe a few nights a week and having to juggle it with my other meds. I will be sure to update all of you! Charisse