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why cetirizine or others may not help?

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  • why cetirizine or others may not help?

    I read that cetirizine appears to lack the inhibitory effect on mast cells like hydroxyzine does and blocks eosoniphil recruitment instead (Grannum Sant)
    So sure enough searched on cetirizine and mast cells and doesn't have any effect on them
    not a medical person but that isn't good is it??

    Although all antihistamines should block histamine....which helps us ICers as within mast cells is histamine and IC bladders tend to have a lot histamine.

    It is supposed that the the mast cells start degranulation ie releasing too much histamine which in turn can provoke inflammation

    Then what is wrong with cetirizine?

    Well I just read that it doesn't block histamine from mast cells.


    here is an explanation:Mast cell activation has become a significant contributing factor in the bladders of IC patients. (mast cells release histamines)

    Hydroxyzine is (Quoted page 241) ' a good candidate to reduce IC symptoms, because, in addition to its antihistaminic and mast cell inhibitation properties, it also reduces secretions from neurons and has anticholinergic, anxuolytic and sedative properties.'


    but nevertheless cetirizine is helping me a little bit I think....

    Could this be why other antihistamines do not help as much??

    Up untill now I thought antihistamines blocked histamine but didn't realise some don't block histamine from mast cells.

    Anybody know much about this or know more about science?

    has cetirizine /zyrtec helped u??
    IC diagnosis: Aug 2005
    Symptoms: Urgency, urge and irritation and urethral symptoms
    Flareup for 1 year til July 2007 (had constant urge and pain et al....)

    Elmiron 100mg 3x daily April 2006 - present
    Enablex 7.5mg nightly Sep 2007 -present
    Atarax, Elavil 10mg nightly (Dec 2007)
    Acupuncture - November 2007 - present

    (Past meds for IC- Cystistat, Elavil 30mg, Ditropan, long term a/bs, Prednisolone, Cimetidine, Neurontin)