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atarax and frequency

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  • atarax and frequency

    For those of you who were helped by Atarax and saw a decrease in your frequency, how long before you saw the difference? I've been on it for a week now ([email protected]) and I'm not sure if it's doing anything.


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    I have been on it for 8 months and it seems like its helping more and more. I didnt notice any difference for 3-4 months. You can ask your dr or the pharmacist how long it takes. It can also vary from patient to patient. A week is not a sufficient amount of time.
    Diagnosis: IC '09, vulvodynia '10, fructose intolerance '06, GERD '06, fibromyalgia '09, IBS '10 and TMJ '09, PCOS '11, genital herpes '12

    Current Meds: Butrans patch, welbutrin, lamictol, geodon, xanax, aldactone, linzess, topimax, trazadone and diflucan as needed.

    Meds tried before: Elmiron, elavil, antibiotics, welbutrin, cymbalta, prozac, nerve blocks, instills, nyastatin, flexerol, percocet, naproxen (which was what I was given for pain for years).


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      Hi thanks for replying. I will carry on taking it. I think I was just expecting it to work right away. Have been flaring past couple of weeks also, so maybe I will notice a little more once the flares past.

      Thanks again!


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        I am on two meds, hydroxyzine (generic Atarax) and Enablex. I made what I think was a foolish mistake. I was in remission, eating and drinking almost anything I wanted. I stopped taking the Atarax for several reasons about three weeks ago and now my frequency is back. It's not as bad as before, but it's still back. If I could kick myself, I would, and more than once.

        But, to answer your question, it took at least a month for me to notice a difference.

        Diagnosed with:
        IC September 2009 (symptoms are frequency all the time and some burning)
        Graves' Disease June 2006 (thyroid issue)
        Sleep Apnea February 2007
        IBS-C so long ago I can't remember
        Total hysterectomy 2015 (pre-cancer)
        CPAP Machine (for sleep apnea)
        Metoprolol ER
        Linzess and Magnesium for IBS-C

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          Thanks for the reply turtlecat. Hopefully you will start to feel good again once the atarax kicks back in. I feel like Atarax could be making me worse but Im not sure- been on it for 10days.Ive been experiencing slight retention but again, Im not sure if its cos of atarax or because Ive been flaring from sex on and off for a couple of weeks. I have decided to stop the atarax & return to my OTC antihistamine- loretadine. I seemed to do ok on this in the first place- with cystoprotek. I just wanted that little bit more relief. Might start up atarax again when Im feeling a little better.

          Thanks- Sarah


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            Just wondering if Atarax has the constipation issues so many of the other drugs have ?


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              Hi, Tina ~ I was searching for Atarax and came across your post from April of this year. I've been on Atarax over a month now and I haven't seen any problems with constipation.

              Hope you're feeling well and finding what helps you the most.
              Never heard of IC til suspected....Never knew so many suffer from it. Praying for a cure. I've found can you...keep the hope.

              11/2007 IC Symptoms began during recovery of surgery for bladder susp & hysto: painful/urge/freq urination up to 50 times a day, pain walking, even water hurts.
              8/2009 Susp IC; 1/2010 Treatment began; 2/2010 Diag PFD, PT, Surg remove mesh; 5/2010 Surg, 2nd bladder repair, vag vault/sm int prolapse repair, IC confirmed in surg; 7/2010 Diag Candida Esophagitis, Gastritis, Diviticulosis, Gallstones,
              8/2010 Surg gallbladder
              TREATMENTS (updated 4/15)
              IC Diet since 8/2009 (Able to vary 4/15)
              Heparin/Lidocaine/Bicarb/Kenalog Instills 1xDay
              Aloe Vera Capsules, (2) 2xDay, Loratadine 1xDay
              Pantoprazole, Prelief, Pyridium up to 3xDay, Premarin Cream 3xWeek
              *DISCONTINUED since feeling better: Celexa 10mg daily*, Fiber supp*,
              Gabapentin 12/2011 worked well *, Macrodantin 100mg after instill*, Probiotics*, PT-PFD*, Valium Vag Suppositories: Cyclo/diaz/lido, 10/5/62.5mg *
              PROB MEDS: Elavil, up to 50mg 1/2011 ret&hbp, Urelle ret, Vesicare ret


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                Hi Nannawaggs, still on Zertec - Australian form of Atarax and no issues. I discovered this by accident, get awful headaches and was in the middle of a super flare, i took Sinutab which is for Sinus but has antihistomine in it and i noticed a "slight" reduction in the flare symtoms, so research found Atarax and how it helped IC so more research and found Zertec is what Atarax turns into once it gets through the liver. Went and asked my specialist who looked suprised and said humm yes i have heard that - why didnt any one tell me sooner ! Anyway been on it now for almost 2 months along with vesicare. Was 2 a day of both but now i have got it down to 1 a day of both. Was a little increase in symptoms for a few days but the IC has settled again so i am very happy with the results i am getting from Zertec and no side effects either. I also take Buffer PH available from the US and together it is making life bareable. I am careful with what i eat, have prelief for the times i want to be bad and eat something i shouldnt, Advantan Fatty Ointment for "down there" which has really helped with the burning, and i do PFD exercizes as well, so right now i am happy with the way things are going. Here in Australia it seems to me you have to do your own research and just see what works and what dosnt, and just check things out with your doctor as to what you are doing rather than asking what to do.I have regular blood tests to watch liver function as zertec in large amounts can effect the liver, another reason i cut back on the dose. Have also noticed a decrease in headaches so putting that down to zertec as well.


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                  Re: atarax and frequency

                  Your post was 2012 and now it’s 2018 and nothing has changed. Here in Australia we still need to do our own research and of course products that are helping people overseas cannot be purchased here. Thanks for the info on Zyrtec and atarax.


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                    Re: atarax and frequency

                    Hi Debbie, I have lost all confidence in the medical proffesion in Aus. I last saw a GP last week, who has now given me Endep. She didnt tell me of the side effect, how it would interact with other medication I am taking, what to do if it did cause side effects. I cant afford $1000 to see a urologist and that is what they are asking because they want you to have a multitude of tests and then tell you what you already know, and the public Uro's are refusing to see me - because there is nothing they can do to help. Been on Endep 3 days has helped the frequency, but now I have the worst sore throat, and pains in my ear, which I found is a side effect but what do I do ? who knows. I feel totally abandoned by the medical proffesion.


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                      Re: atarax and frequency

                      I know and understand what you’re saying. I was unimpressed with the specialist I was sent to. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS. I changed GPs last year and at least she understand the 3 conditions and told me how each interacts with the other. Elmiron wasn’t helping the frequency i have been using marshmallow root capsules as well and that’s helped it. I really would like to ditch the Elmiron due to its cost and the fact that it’s a blood thinner so if there is any surgery I will have to stop it and put up with IC symptoms. My GP told me to treat with pain with voltaren and gave me a script for 50 mg but it has to be taken away from the Elmiron


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                        Re: atarax and frequency

                        I have been battling IC for many many years I am 70 now. Endep is the first thing I have come across that works on stopping frequency, but as I said now i have this awful strange sore throat. I just rang the Pharmacy, and asked if it was a reaction - he asked - could I breath OK !! well I wouldnt be on the phone if I could not breath ! SO guess what, he told me to - see the GP. AHHHH the medical profession is hopeless, hope some of them read this forum.
                        I have been taking Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, seemed to help to start with but is no helping much anymore. cant afford Elmeron, Marshmellow makes the frequency worse, I mean where are we supposed to go for help ?


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                          Re: atarax and frequency

                          It seems that IC is like CFS. What works for one person doesn’t work for another and something may work for a time and then stop working. Endep seems to be popular with a lot of people. I was on it for a short time at 15mg but was rapidly gaining weight, it wasn’t helping at that dose and it was keeping me awake at night so I stopped it. I hope it works for you and the sore throat is not a side effect


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                            Re: atarax and frequency

                            Hi Debbie, yes you are correct , with IC what works for one does not work for someone else and we seem to react differently. With Endep another issue I have is - staying awake, I just want to sleep, and I seem to have lost my interest in eating. This forum has been a wonderful, always someone on here to talk to , and a lot of the time that is all many of us want, someone to talk to who does not judge and who understands how hard it is to live with IC. I am going to cut the endep in half tonight and see how I go with that. I had to do that with the Oxibutinan for several weeks and very slowly increase it, I am hoping I can do the same with Endep. I am sorry you have to cope with CFS as well as IC , its not far is it. I hope you get some sleep tonight and find some form of relief. T


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                              Re: atarax and frequency

                              Are you on Facebook. There’s an IC Australia and also Healing IC Naturally page