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  • Atarax, Claritin, Zyrtec

    I was taking generic Atarax along with an OAB med. I stopped taking Atarax a few weeks ago because my PCP suggested taking an OTC antihistamine to see if that would help my three-week chronic cough (I chose generic 24-hr Zyrtec). Didn't think I could take both, so I dropped the Atarax (didn't think to ask him about that while I was in the office) plus, you know, guess I was dumb enough to think since I'm doing so well IC-wise, I could come off one of the meds.

    Yesterday the frequency started back again. Not as bad and no burning, but still definitely there.

    I now realize that it's okay to take the Atarax and Zyrtec at the same time, but I keep reading where folks are having some success with Claritin. Is anyone having improvement using OTC Zyrtec?

    The main thing I'm concerned about is I'm already having dry mouth problems to the point of increased cavities and doing two antihistamines is sure to make my mouth a desert. (And I STILL have the cough so we're adding a steroid nose spray! I do have seasonal allergies, but am not on shots or anything.)

    Thanks, all!

    Diagnosed with:
    IC September 2009 (symptoms are frequency all the time and some burning)
    Graves' Disease June 2006 (thyroid issue)
    Sleep Apnea February 2007
    IBS-C so long ago I can't remember
    Total hysterectomy 2015 (pre-cancer)
    CPAP Machine (for sleep apnea)
    Metoprolol ER
    Linzess and Magnesium for IBS-C

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    Before I was given hydroxyzine I did some research and found the zyrtec and hydroxyzine are very similar. I haven't taken claritin for IC so I don't know about that one. Many ICer's do have to increase the amount of their antihistamine during allergy season.


    PS Have you tried using Biotine products for dry mouth. I think they help me, they replace enzymes that you need in your mouth and don't have with lack of saliva.
    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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      Is Atarax only available by RX? I currently take a benedryl every night, but I've been having a horrible time with flares recently and I'm looking for anything to help. I take Elmiron, Detrol, Elavil and Aloe Vera daily, in addition to the benedryl.


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        Atarax is only available with an RX. Zyrtec is the closest OTC med to atarax, once the atarax processes through our liver it becomes the same as zyrtec. Before I was given the rx I took Zyrtec. You might need to get a prescription though to get a higher dose. It is worth it to try.

        Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

        American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
        Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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          we cant get atarax in Australia but can get zertec are you saying we need to take a higher dose of zertec to get the same benifit atarax gives ? I have just started on Zertec desperate to get the frequency under some sort of control.


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            Has anyone taken Xolair? Its supposed to be stronger than Zyrtec or singulair and only comes in a shot. I take Singulair now and it has helped me the most and my dermatologist of all people suggested the Xolair but my uro-gyne doesn't know anything about it and is resistant. I'm trying to at least talk him into testing my IGE levels to see if I need it. Has anyone heard of it helping or tried it?
            Chronic UTI's beginning 1993
            Urethera stretching monthly and daily Urised 1994-1997
            Suddenly Normal!! 1997-2002
            Onset of more UTI's 2002

            Diagnosed with IC 2003
            Daily Bactrim 2003-2006 (with a break in meds to have another baby Bactrim made me feel practically normal most days. No Dr can figure out why...)
            Remission August 2006 - May 2007

            Doomsday! May 17, 2007 - All IC symptoms back like I have never experienced before post a trip to the gyne for ultrasound - curse the tech who made me drink 40 ounces of water!!!!

            May 2007 to date taking Levaquin daily. Dr still can't figure out why it helps.
            February 2008 had my first hydro and instill. Not sure if it helped enough to do it again.

            October 2009 Diagnosed with PFD and Vulvodynia

            Meds/Treatments tried and failed: Elmiron; Atarax; Elavil;Post Tibial Nerve Stimulation; Instillations; Valium Suppositories; Birth Control

            Current Meds:
            Levaquin 500mg (trying to elimate...)
            Currently going to Physical Therapy twice a week for PFD

            Everyday is a challenge. My diet is restricted to the bare minimum as every thing feels like it causes a flare. I refuse to give up! I will get my life back!