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Hydroxyzine and Increased Frequency

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  • earthlady
    Vistaril isn't obtainable here anymore. I requested it from my dr. and all pharmacies said they can't get it anymore. I ended up getting the liquid Atarax so that I could titrate it myself to the lowest dose possible. The atarax capsules can't be cut in half so I opted for the liquid.

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  • icgennifer
    started a topic Hydroxyzine and Increased Frequency

    Hydroxyzine and Increased Frequency

    Has anyone had the experience where Hydroxyzine increases their frequency?

    I feel like it helps to reduce the inflamed pain, but then I'm dealing with the frequency, which I don't normally battle.

    Could it be the fillers or dyes? I think I read somewhere that many people do well on Vistaril..