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  • Douch

    Doe's anyone know if its o.k to douch?

    I feel so funky I was thinking that maybe a real mild vinegar and water douch would be allright.

    Has anyone had any problems?

    I do know that enemas are out of the question for me, I burned like crazy the next day.

    I know this is a delicate question but I would appreciate a reply if any one knows something.
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    I have not tried it, but I also would NOT recommend putting vinegar anywhere near that area. If you feel "not so fresh" please go see your doc. It could be just an infection of some sort.
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      Years ago my gyn advised against douching. The only exceptions would be if there is a medical condition for which a physician recommends it.

      Stay safe

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        Douching was popular way back when but my GYN years ago told me it is not good to do that. the vagina is slef cleansing and if it doesn't feel or smell good down there it could be a bacteria or yeast.


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          Thank you all for your reply I really appreciate it.
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