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  • Hydroxyzine question

    I have PFD which obviously means my urine stream is weak; i have to void twice - once and then stand up and try again. I also have mild ic with symptoms aggravated by certain foods. Is hydroxyzine bad to take if you feel you have residual urine at times caused by PFD?

    my ic symptoms are bad frequency; no pain.

    Thank you for your help


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    I'm interested in what others have to say about this. I've taken hydoxyzine for almost a year and am very similar to you in that I have bad frequency without pain. There are times too when I don't feel completely empty, and I know that my bladder sometimes spasms, making it more difficult to go.
    34 years old, bladder symptoms all my life
    diagnosed with PFD and VV October 2009; IC May 2010

    Current meds:
    Cystoprotek 2 pills twice a day, Hydroxyzine 10 mg, Gabapentin 600 mg, Myrbetriq 25mg, Zoloft 25 mg, Mircrogestin, capsaicin cream (for vulva)
    Other past treatments:
    IC diet, physical therapy, Traumeel injections as needed, TENS unit, heating pad, instills with sodium bicarb, lidocaine, and mucosa compositum
    Tried and didn't work:
    Pyridium, Singlair, Nortriptyline, Elmiron, lidocaine and heparin instills (worked at first, then didn't anymore), various creams, acupuncture


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      Everyone is different, so you justhave to try it and see what happens to you. Hydroxizine does help my bladder feel much better is a few days, it doesn't make me sleepy at all, but after a few days I can't pee, so I can only take it randomly.

      I wish I could take it daily.

      But because everyone is so different and it can help so much I would give it a try and see what happens.

      Start at a low dose, you can always work your way up to a higher dose if you can take it and need a higher does.
      good luck MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        I don't see any obvious problems - but the only sure way to know is to try it. I was on it (25 mg) for about a year and never had any worsening or issues with my PFD. Good luck and let us know!
        Diagnosed with IC in 2005, since then have been diagnosed with an unspecified autoimmune disease, with inflammation in my bladder, colon, left knee, left ear, left eye, lungs and pericardium. Argh!

        Medical research addict.

        Likes: hot baths and naps with cats