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  • Doxylamine?

    okay, so I stopped taking Elmiron since it made me feel way too sick. I may try it again at some point, at half dose, but not just yet.

    I'm doing my best to manage the symptoms with OTC medicines instead. taking Prelief, but haven't noticed a huge difference, and AZO Standard, which can help with pain a little bit.

    I've also been taking Benadryl every night, my seasonal allergies have been crazy recently! and it used to help me fall asleep, but now...

    I'm going to call what I have some nights: "IC Insomnia"

    that uncomfortable feeling of having to go to the bathroom every 5, 10, 15 minutes can keep me up until 3 in the morning. even if I know that I don't really have to go, it often feels like I'm having gallon after gallon poured into me.

    I think it's how ever since I was a young age, a full bladder always means time to wake up.

    and no matter how many times I tell myself it's not really full, just feels like it? it's that discomfort that keeps me from falling asleep.

    so I remembered this section on antihistamines here. I've been taking Benadryl, but that's obviously not getting me to sleep... I'm interested if anyone has tried Doxylamine (Unisom) since it seems to be the other OTC sedating antihistamine, and I really need a good night's sleep. not so interrupted or prevented by IC!