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Side Effect of Hydroxyzine?

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  • Side Effect of Hydroxyzine?

    I've been taking hydrozyzine for just over two weeks now - and have been experiencing stomach pain and muscle ache (in my back and stomach) for about a week. Is this a side effect of the meds?

    This is all so frustrating - I didn't take it yesterday and my bladder pain was much worse, so I think it is helping my bladder. Took it today and the stomach pain came back... Anybody else experienced this side effect? I also had similar side effects with Elmiron - though this isn't quite as bad.

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    When I was trying it I had to keep it at a really low dose. It bothered my stomach or intestines or both. It was also so very drying that I got constipated from it too. If I kept it at a low dose though it was ok, and it did help my bladder. Benadryl did too.


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      Thanks! I know I've been a lot more thirsty than usual so maybe I'm just not drinking enough water. I think part of the reason I was in pain was that I actually was constipated as well. I'll try it a little longer and see if it continues to bother me. I do think it is helping my bladder but I'm so fed up with side effects-- I'm tempted to try some natural product or Cysta Q -- I just feel that this is taking so long to figure out even though my symptoms just started in April. ugh... well, thanks for listening!