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Hydroxyzine caused depression.

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  • Hydroxyzine caused depression.

    Hi,I haven't posted in so long-I've been doing well! In 2017 I tried adding DH Aloe in hopes of being able to tolerate more foods. That didn't really work out that way,but I quickly realized that adding DH Aloe to my IC diet and hydroxyzine 12.5 mg made my bladder much happier. After a few months I was able to reduce my hydroxyzine dose to 5 mg while continuing the DH Aloe. I was taking 3 capsules of DH Aloe twice a day,so following the DH Aloe instructions, I tried titrating my dose lower ( one capsule per day less). Reducing the DH Aloe caused my bladder symptoms to worsen, so I returned to my original doseage. For some reason this December I got fed up and decided to try discontinuing the hydroxyzine. Even though 5 mg hydroxyzine is a quite a small dose,the side effects of drowsiness and dry eyes were bothersome.So I upped my DH Aloe to 4 capsules twice a day and stopped the hydroxyzine cold turkey. My bladder symptoms did not worsen! I did experience some discontinuation symptoms coming off the hydroxyzine abruptly-mostly trouble sleeping and some anxiety. What shocked me was that after about 10 days that my mood was noticeably improved. Even two months later I noticed my mood was still improving. I had been on hydroxyzine for two years. If my symptoms are no longer controlled by diet and DH Aloe in the future I will avoid hydroxyzine- I had no idea that it was making me even more depressed than the diagnosis of IC had already caused.Feeling lucky!

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    Re: Hydroxyzine caused depression.

    Interesting to hear that. I usually feel hungry the day after taking it and very hungover. So it makes sense it would cause a depressive reaction.
    I’ll take more notice. I definitely don’t feel myself the next day, but I do feel like I got some much needed sleep. I save it for when I’m so tired I’m crying and then take it for a good nights sleep.
    I do t take it every night because it builds up very quickly in my system as I am a poor metabolizer.


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      Re: Hydroxyzine caused depression.

      Medications can definitely have side effects --- but it's not always a good idea to adjust dosages or stop and start meds without consulting with our physicians. I suggest at least a phone call to the doctor's office about any changes.

      Stay safe

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