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Lyrica and ic pain

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  • Lyrica and ic pain

    I also have fibromyalgia and rheumatologist is considering prescribing Lyrica to treat FM but I have also heard that it can cause IC flares. Is there anyone here using CYMBALTA instead, and with success?

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    I just wanted to tell you that I spoke with a doctor who's now a teacher at a med school here in Dallas when I was trying to set up an appt with another doctor (ok, sorry, long winded). And he's a urogynocologist who used to treat IC before he started teaching. He actually told me to take Lyrica for this never-ending pain of the IC until I could get an appt. He said he prescribed it all the time when he was still treating IC. I still had some from a migraine trial, so I started taking it. It did help with my pain BUT then I remembered why I couldn't take it. It makes my vision crazy blurry and it makes me really dizzy and light headed, kinda drunk, only not fun.
    I tried Cymbalta once for a very short period of time, again for the migraine. But I don't think it was a very fair trial. I was taking Lexapro at the time. And the neuro's PA told me to ~just quit the lexapro and start the cymbalta~ So I believe the whole time I was on it I was going thru lexapro withdrawal. If you could take them together I might give it another shot. That's too many SSRI's and it just doesn't work like that.
    I think the lyrica I have here is 75mg but you can start lower like 50 or maybe even 25 just to see if it helps. You'll definitely get some sleep from it. For a little while at least.
    I think they are probably both good drugs, it may just depend on what your system can handle and you're already taking and antidepressant (SSRI type).
    Good luck and try them both if you need to then you can know for sure.
    Katie-46 yr old female dx'd with IC after 15 years of symptoms off and on long term antibiotic use, GERD,IBS and now IC diet, gallbladder removed, endometrial ablation w/tubes tied
    Lexapro-20 mg
    Ambien-as needed
    Percocet-7.5 up to 3 per day as needed
    Valium-10 mg x2 per day
    Phenergan-1 at night
    Prelief w/everything
    Now recovering from acute pancreatitis

    Currents treatments that help somewhat:
    Heating pad
    Hot baths
    Being VERY still while lying down with legs elevated


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      I remember someone taking Lyrica & having great success for their IC pain. Check the old may have been leelee. I'm not sure who it is. Sorry.


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        Hi Donna
        I've rarely heard of Cymbalta actually working for pain in the years I've been on this board. It might be an effective antidepressant but there should be much better treatment options for your pain other than this med.

        I believe it is leelee who has had luck with Lyrica for her pain. I'm sure any med could cause a person IC flares, but I don't recall Lyrica having a big reputation for that.

        Good luck, Donna. I hope you find some relief soon.


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          Lyrica caused a flare

          for me, Lyrica made everything worse. I was on it for 2 months, for vv. My neurologist told me to beware as Lyrica would make the IC worse. I ignored his advice and went with my vv specialists recomendation.

          Bad idea. Urethra, bladder, clitoral pain. Within 2 days of coming off this med everything subsideded. Now the pain is not daily, and the clitoral pain is only provoked.

          Eveyrone is different though.

          TMJ Dysfunction 2009
          Vulvodynia and/or PFD 2010
          IC, based on symptoms alone 2010.
          PCOS March 2012

          8 month remission following the birth of my beautiful daughter Imogen Rose 25/12/12....currently flaring and hoping to get remission back, life without IC was amazing!

          Currently using: IC Diet...pain meds as needed
          Medications / treatment tried and discounted:
          Fluconazole 150mg 1 per week for 6 months (yeast)
          Endep 25mg - 4months
          Lyrica 75mg - 2 months - FLARE
          Oxytrol patch - I think this caused retention.
          Countless creams, lotions and potions.
          Cystoprotek - no change in symptoms
          PT - for 1 year
          Various herbs and supplements


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            I have been on cymbalta and neuroton for about 2 months, I am doing pretty good with the pain level. I am not saying that I don't have pain, but its on the low side of the scale. I don't take any pain medication for it now.