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detrol la and weight gain

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  • detrol la and weight gain

    My uro just prescribed Detrol LA for me. I've been taking it for 3 days and think it's helping the frequency a bit. I've been reading online that a lot of people experience significant weight gain on Detrol. Has this been the case for any of you? I am not okay with taking a medication that has that as a potential side effect. I would rather have IC symptoms than that to be perfectly honest, terrible as it sounds. Are there other similar drugs that might not have this side effect?

    Also, does anyone not take Detrol continuously? Can one just take it as needed (for example, on days when you want to be at your best?)

    Thanks so much for the help!
    Symptoms began: July 2010 after UTI
    Diagnosis: Mild IC, confirmed through hydro/cysto December 2010
    Treatment: IC diet, MSM/Glucosamine, Vesicare, Percoset, AZO Standard, Prelief, Calcium Citrate

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    All medications have the potential of side effects, you just have to decide if it's worth the benefits you may get from taking it. If you feel like your OAB symptoms are okay without it, then I'm sure that it would be fine without, but your nothing like me, if I have a toe ache, I want meds. lol.. It did not cause me any weight gain when I used to take it. Everyone reacts differently though.


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      First of all, all medications, including the commonly used aspirin, have the potential for side effects. If you check a reputable source, such as your pharmacist, about side effects for a particular medication, he/she can tell you the percentage of people taking it who had a specific side effect.

      I just checked the weight gain side effect for detrol and it said 1% --- that means the particular side effect is very rare.

      Stay safe

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        The biggest side effects from the anticholinergenics (sp?) are constipation, dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry everything! Some are better then others.
        I was on oxybutynin for a good 2 years and never gained a thing. I realize its a different drug but same class of drug. Some people retain water with these drugs so maybe the weight gain you read about was that ....

        Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
        Macrobid after sex
        Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
        synthroid .088mg, mucinex-d, restasis

        Supplements: Desert Harvest Aloe vera, Cysta-q, prelief, magnesium and calcium, Vit D, flaxseed oil

        Diag Mild IC Jan 11 but have had symptoms for 25 years. Also have GERD, TMJ, IBS-C, chronic dry eye syndrome, hashimotos thyroiditis, non-allergic rhinitis.

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          I have been taking Enablex, which is the same type of drug, for about six weeks or so and have not experienced any weight gain. The drying-out issue isn't that bad for me, but I am on the lowest dose.

          Diagnosed with:
          IC September 2009 (symptoms are frequency all the time and some burning)
          Graves' Disease June 2006 (thyroid issue)
          Sleep Apnea February 2007
          IBS-C so long ago I can't remember
          Total hysterectomy 2015 (pre-cancer)
          CPAP Machine (for sleep apnea)
          Metoprolol ER
          Linzess and Magnesium for IBS-C

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            I took Detrol LA for 5 years and never gained weight. I had to quit taking Detrol A because my insurance would no longer cover it so I was switched to Vesicare which caused me to bloat. I then switched to Enablex and it is working just fine. I haven't noticed any weight gain from any of the three drugs.


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              I never gained any weight on Detrol LA . Actually, I never had side effects at all. It just did not work for me !
              28 years old
              UTI's for 10 years
              very bad urgency and frequency started Aug '10 Severe pressure, pain and burning in bladder, lower back, and thighs since May '11.
              endometriosis removed (Sept 15th)
              chronic pelvic pain since then
              I currently take: elavil 25mg mg at night
              clonazepam .25 mg daily for anxiety and nerve calming
              baking soda occasionally
              Marshmallow root tea/capsules occasionally
              other: heating pad/ice packs daily
              deep breathing
              pelvic phsyio since jan '12

              testing :cystoscopy ( urlogist said I have a small bladder but nothing abnormal)
              many..MANY urine tests that all determine I do not have an infection.

              ultrasounds for pre and post void (nothing abnormal)

              things I would like to try :MSM, silver, medicinal mushrooms


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                i've been taking detrol la for a year, and i think i gained 5lbs, but i'm pretty sure it's not from taking detrol...
                lucky to live in hawaii but having a hard time and have a lot of questions.


                detrol la


                ?(new medications)
                chinese herbs: golden form with rehmannia

                triggers: alcohol, coffee, soda, chocolate, citrus, sex, spicy food, soy, running/jumping, pms, birth control pills, stress, and lack of zzz.


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                  Originally posted by h808
                  i've been taking detrol la for a year, and i think i gained 5lbs, but i'm pretty sure it's not from taking detrol...
                  I've gained weight on my oab meds. It is definitely from the meds because I am always conscious of my weight and am an avid exerciser. I haven't gained 1 pound in over a year. But, once I went on OAB meds, I gained weight instantly and experienced other side effects. I have been on Enablex, Vesicare and now am on Troviaz. For me, all of the drugs seem to work initially and then they sort of stop, not to the point of where I was before taking them, but not well enough to continue with the side effects. Enablex made me terribly nauseous , I got blurry vision often and constipation. Vesicare gave me terrible dry mouth and bloating and it didn't work well enough to continue. I gained about 6 pounds with each drug quickly in about 1 months time each. I haven't noticed any weight gain with the Troviaz yet, but I have heard of it causing rapid weight gain. The only side effect I have had thus far is constipation. I can say if I gain any more pounds and I am going off of it!!!!. I am tempted to try the Oxytrol patch.