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Pyridium, peeing orange two days later

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  • Pyridium, peeing orange two days later

    Used to, when I would take Pyridium. I would vomit orange about 30 mins after i took it, then I'd pee orange for the next 3-4 hours. Lately it hasn't made me vomit but I get really nauseous. I pee orange or bright yellow an hour later but it doesn't seem as bright as it used to be. It only lasts 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom then back to normal. The part that really worries me is that 2 days later all of a sudden I'm peeing orange again. I only take it about once a week when I do take it. I've also noticed mt urine is always cloudy. I have a rash on my back lately also but it's probably not related since it's always there. Any ideas would be appreciated. My honey thinks it's just old. The rx is less than a year old so I don't think that's it. I'm getting a new rx tomorrow just to make sure.

    IC, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, bi-polar, trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), scoliosis, fibroid breast disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis in hands, temporal lobe seizures
    buspar 30mg, atarax 100mg, norco 10mg 30/week for pain, vimpat 100mg 2/day, trileptal 600mg 2/day
    flare strategyestrace cream, lidocaine jelly, and ice pack on urethra. ativan .5mg for severe flares only

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    This is definetly a question for your dr. But about the nausea, I have to eat something when I take pyridium or it rips my stomach up too. Try taking it with food.