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Antispasmodics & Anesthetics And IBS

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  • Antispasmodics & Anesthetics And IBS

    My doc thought I should try Uribel -- it's the first drug I've agreed to try for my IC. I've decided that sex is just too important to me and my relationship with my husband to NOT try and find something that allows me to be intimate.

    My symptoms have always been worse 24-36 hrs after sex. I would estimate that I have a flare 98% of the time post-coital. My symptoms are retention at first, then urgency, and then what feels like a UTI with the worst pain and burning localized at the urethra. Recently I've been having more of a chronic urethral burning/itching/pain even when I don't have sex to set it off.

    I also have IBS that waxes and wanes just like my IBS. Lately it's been under control -- but the Uribel is really exacerbating it. I've only taken two capsules on two separate occasions and it has given me horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea both times.

    That said, it has been pretty freaking wonderful for after sex. It did make retention a bit worse, but that was short term and there was no burning nor any pain in my urethra.

    I'm assuming this is because Uribel like most (all?) of the other drugs in its class contains belladonna/salicylates which irritate the stomach lining.

    ARGH. Why would they put THAT kind of analgesic in these drugs? Isn't there any other analgesic that doesn't have the likelihood of causing stomach distress? Are there any other similar drugs that might not be so rough on my poor stomach?

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I take UTA and am very drug sensitive. I almost always have side effects with any drug. I have not had any problems at all with UTA, and it looks like it's about like the uribel. You can google it and see if it has problematic ingredients for you. It saves my life.
    -I follow the IC diet to the letter
    -acupuncture and chinese herbs
    -instillations as needed
    -beginning yoga and specialized yoga for breathing and relaxation

    main symptoms: pain and burning