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This drug helps my IC

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  • This drug helps my IC

    I have taken Librax for years off and on for spastic colon issues. When I developed diverticulitis I found it helped for that. When I developed IC...guess what, it helps with that too! It takes the edge off, helps me sleep and deal with the pain & spasms esp. those horrible urethral twinges. I only take 1 in the PM usually but take 1 in the AM on bad days.
    Librax is basically a gut sedative/anti spasmotic. It's been around for a long time and I'm so grateful for the Dr. who prescribed it to me years ago and that I have never had a bad reaction to it. Yay!
    I'm Perfectly Imperfect and Praying for Remission

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    i take muscle relaxers at night, but if i get stressed i still flare i am still going through rough time. getting a divorce after 30 years its like a death in the family, i am still in shock.
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      Linda May, bless your heart. I'm sorry you are going through such a hard time. My goodness, IC is enough to deal with! Keep your head up. Your courage and determination will "Kick In" in a big way... I just know it will. Your're from the south? Girl, you're a Steel Magnolia and don't you forget it!
      I'm Perfectly Imperfect and Praying for Remission