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    The area of skin where I massage it in stays kind of sticky. I don't notice it flaking off but it does stay sticky.


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      Hey! I take oxybutynin 5mg 3x daily (and have been for the past 7 years after my first uro gave me the blanket term "overactive bladder" a.k.a you pee a lot and I don't know why) and my dentist said that the dry mouth that comes with it is causing my gums to recede. So Gelnique sounds like a godsend. Right now I go about 24 times in a 24 hour period. So the frequency is still bad, but better than the 30 or 36 times before I started using oxy.

      What I'm concerned about is the price. If you don't mind me asking, how much do you pay per packet or per month?
      I have disability (Ontarian here) and it only covers specific generic drugs, so I'd be paying out of pocket for this. If it's not too too expensive I'd really like to give it a try.
      21 years old
      dx: severe OAB, mild/moderate IC, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia, chronic fatigue, IBS, peripheral neuropathy

      ♥ looking for a way or medication to help stop spasms ♥


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        I have insurance coverage but my pharmaiscist said without it, it would cost me around $172.00 dollars a month thats alot, my hubby just recently lost his job and were trying to get our COBRA to go tru so hopefully it will other wise for May i will have to skip i cant afford that out of pocket expense and it relllay works for me. Hope this helps.


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          I hope it goes through for you!!
          That's way too expensive for me. Thanks for the info though!
          21 years old
          dx: severe OAB, mild/moderate IC, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia, chronic fatigue, IBS, peripheral neuropathy

          ♥ looking for a way or medication to help stop spasms ♥


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            Hi All, Just wanted to give an update on the Gelnique.... When I first tried it it gave me bladder pain so I was scared to try it again but decided to give it another chance last week... I have been on it for about 5 days taking half a packet and yesterday was the best day I have had in months! I actually went 4 hours without going to the Loo... compared to every 30 minutes, 1 hour 2 hours sometimes 3 .... Even was able to have a couple glasses of wine... Still took prelief.... I have also added Healthy Harvest Aloe to the mix and pelvic floor therapy along with some other supplements..hope this is helping too.....Since adding Aloe, it gives me a coolness like feeling in the lady parts, has anyone else experienced this...

            I will keep you guys updated as the weeks go by.... Each day is different, can't wait until it's consistent but 4 hours was a good sign... Don't want to get to excited just yet... Today I have been going about every hour and an half but am excited about some improvement...



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              Well that's encouraging- isn't it? I'm glad it's working for you. I sometimes have inconsistent results with meds. One day a med can work really well and then the next day it is just ok. Must have something to do with fluctuating body chemistry throughout the day. If there's any improvement at all though, even if it's minor- I'm happy.


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                how long did it take some of you to see the results from the Gelnique? Did it start working the very first day and you were great from that day on? (Cindy) I think thats how it happened for you....

                But I took it and didnt notice a difference so I stopped after like 2 times. Then...I started flaring about 3 days now..kind of I tried the Gelnique for 2 days ...I thought it was working but then seemed like it wasn't I tried my free sample of Vesicare....I thought that was working on day 2...but low and behold I started flaring again that night.? Im right now on day 3 of vesicare..but severe dry mouth...I am wondering if I should try the Gelnique for a longer period of time? PS: I think my flare may have been brought on from working out my very WEAK AB's at the gym about 5-6 days ago...a day after that...I started flaring?


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                  The first time I tried the Gelnique it worked right away, like within 30 minutes. I was having some indigestion so I stopped it for a few days and then restarted it and it didn't work quite as well as the first time I used it, but did work some. I've read in some places that it may take a couple weeks of use to see consistent results. The same thing happened with me with Vesicare. My symptoms to begin with were so inconsistent, so I'm guessing that medication would most probably work a little differently on me every day due to my symptoms changing all the time. I like Gelnique the best though, as I never had any constipation or severe dry mouth like from some of the other OAB's.


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                    thanks earthlady! I think I am going to go back to the Gelnique tonight...and stick with it through the whole sample pack. *fingers Crossed* I hope it works.


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                      Good luck. The way I see it is, if it works a little differently everyday I'm ok with it. Some improvement is better than none. If it stops working altogether though after several weeks I would probably stop using it.


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                        yes, it does help!

                        Originally posted by nnj925 View Post
                        does this help with the burning?
                        I have been taking Gelnique for about 7 months now, and I have had the most success with regards to ALL symptoms than with any other medication. I take Gelnique 1x per day and oxycodone/apap 5/325 for occasional symptoms. However, I have only had to take 1 oxy in the past 6 weeks! Before I started treatment on antispasmodics my symptoms of pain and burning were so severe that it was crippling my life. My doctor suggested I start with an antispasmodic because it is a non-invasive treatment, and because it could start having benefits faster than Elmiron. My understanding is that symptoms of IC can be triggered by pelvic spasms, so taking something like Gelnique can reduce the chances of having a flare.


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                          i don't know if my detrol la isn't working for me anymore or if i'm still flaring. i need to ask my uro about this. i wonder if i can take it with the detrol la or if that's too much. i want to try something new, but i'm afraid i'll be in more pain. anyone else have success with gelnique? my main symptoms are frequency and urgency, but i've been having mean bladder spasms all day for the last week.
                          lucky to live in hawaii but having a hard time and have a lot of questions.


                          detrol la


                          ?(new medications)
                          chinese herbs: golden form with rehmannia

                          triggers: alcohol, coffee, soda, chocolate, citrus, sex, spicy food, soy, running/jumping, pms, birth control pills, stress, and lack of zzz.


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                            I dont go to the bathroom all day long but I feel like I have to all the time. I don't really have pain, either. I am just sick of feeling like I have to go. It takes over my mind! Wonder if this will work for me. I've never even heard of Gelnique. Where do you apply it at? Also, Gaba is a supplement?
                            symptoms when in a flare:

                            I feel everything in my urethra but I know its really my bladder. Pressure, stinging, urgency,tingling feeling thats hard to describe.
                            *I have a fibroid on my uterus near my bladder.

                            100mg Amitripyline ( I have seriously gained almost 50lbs on this drug but I feel it works)
                            Flexoril 10mg (doesn't work)
                            Hydrocodone 5/325 PRN
                            Cetalopram 40mg *severe anxiety over flare

                            Physical therapy hasnt really helped but I love her! I've learned so much! She states that my muscles around
                            My urethra are very tight.

                            currently seeing a Gyn in my town and a Uro in Seattle (4 hrs away)

                            I have had lots of long term remissions. Currently been struggling with good & bad days since Jan 2012

                            find me on Facebook! Brandy Schildknecht Covington


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                              Is this a new drug?

                              My IC has been mild. Urgency and frequency my most annoying symptoms, until two weeks ago. I have been in so much pain. My doc did a cysto earlier this week and I know how lesions that were never there before. He did a DSMO install yesterday and I thought I was going to die all day. He has me on Sanctura because I got really dry from all the others (Vesicare, Detrol, etc) that I would get blurred vision. I've taken Sanctura before with no side effects but also didn't feel like it made a difference.
                              I cannot let this rule my life. I've already had to quit working out because of pelvic floor pain. I am not letting it deter me from doing other things I love. I can't!


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                                Gelnique is working for me

                                I have overactive bladder. Gelnique worked for me almost immediately. I have results that I never had with Detrol and Vesicare. I hope it continues to be effective for me.