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  • Prosed-DS

    Has anyone heard that there is an ingredient in Prosed-DS that is not FDA approved?

    I asked my Doctor for it and my pharmacy told me my insurance company (Harvard Pilgrim) would not cover it because there was an ingredient that was not FDA approved and it is going to cost me $200.00! Any thoughts?

    Thank you!
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    Hmmm- I had heard that they had taken the atropine out of Prosed, and it is now atropine free. Maybe that's what he's talking about??


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      Hi there! I've never heard this before. I do know Prosed-DS has not been available before and they said at the time they made a slight change to it. My insurance company pays for this medication and I've never had problems getting it filled. I hope you can get some help with this.

      Best wishes,
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