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Oxybutynin oral VS Gelnique

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  • Oxybutynin oral VS Gelnique

    About 8 months ago, I received the first relief from IC in my life with "vesicare" (Solifenacin) for daily symptoms and percocet for occasional acute attacks.

    After a few weeks, I switched from Vesicare to Gelnique because my Dr believed it would be more effective with fewer side effects. Gelnique is oxybutynin, but in a gel that is administered topically. Well, it is also very expensive. I switched to oral oxybutynin 15mg once daily in the hope of saving money. 3 weeks into the oral oxybutynin and I am back to square one with daily symptoms ! I am going to call my doctor on monday to have her switch me back to Gelnique.

    Has anyone had a similar experience with Gelnique topical oxy versus generic oral oxy? Or a similar experience with another antispasmodic?

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    Hello I was just prescribed Ditropan(oral) for my Overactive bladder and frequency, urgency. I also suffer from burning in my urethra on occassions. I have low back,buttock nerve pain with shooting pains in my Vagina. This all started about a year ago, except for frequency which ive had since a teenager. I am just now seeking help through a urologist as of this year and I am very nervous to try Ditropan. I have read mixed reviews and I am hoping this helps. Does the gelnique give you any side effects? I am thinking if the oral does not work for me I will ask for gelnique. Thanks