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  • Enablex

    I'm a male with urgency and frequency for the past 5-6 months. I just asked my uro to call Enablex in for me and I will pick it up later. I don't have any retention problems and I hope this doesn't create any.

    I'm curious to know if Enablex will allow my bladder to fill up more without feeling urges and therefore create a stronger urine stream with more volume and pressure. I'm also curious to know if this medication can become an "as needed" med or will I have to take it forever? If I were to get better on it and then stop, would I have to wait weeks for it to do it's thing again? I hate being stuck on anything forever, but if it works I guess I'd just deal with it rather than suffer every day and night.

    I am pretty impatient in general so I'm always searching for a quick fix. I guess I'm just gonna have to give it a try and wait. Just curious to know if other folks have had success with this and what the experiences were.

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    I have been on Enablex (15 mgs.) for 5 years now. I take it once daily at bedtime. It stops the spasms and frequency --- unless I get a UTI. Then, of course, nothing helps until the UTI is cleared up.


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      Enough of Enablex!

      Ugh! I've had enough of Enablex already! My doc put me on 15 mg and I started it today... and have ended up with a red rash on my torso; teeny tiny red dots, hot & tingly skin, and my face is hot and itches. Not for me! I hope it works for you!
      XOXOXO, Kathryn

      Anxiety/panic disorder, asthma, hypertension, interstitial cystitis, obsessive compulsive disorder, PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), post-cholecystectomy syndrome with irritable bowl syndrome- diarrhea
      (IC): lower back & flank pain, lower (left) abdominal pain, urgency (I have perfected the "pee pee dance"), frequency (10-15x), night sweats
      Lisinopril; Lamictal, Paxil; Ocella BCP; Colestid (PRN), Levsin SL (PRN), Zofran ODT (PRN); Allegra; Oxycodone/Acetominophen


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        Enablex did not work for me. I was left with the feeling of having to go and the pressure but could not go because of the medication. Uuugh! horrible feeling. I tried Enablex and Vesicare with the same results. Unfortunately when I have to go I have to go. Everyone is different...hope it works for you!


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          My Uro wants me to start Enablex and I told her that the drugs for overactive bladder just don't work for me (I've tried others). I'll bet that I have the same problem that you had with it. I told my Uro that when I feel like I have to go, I have to or else I end up peeing blood. She (Uro) doesn't understand that IC and overactive bladder are two different conditions.... Argh, what to do?


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            Boardworker, if your uro doesn't know the difference between IC and OAB, it sounds to me like you've answered your own question about what to do next. I've made the mistake of going back to a doctor who has shown me he doesn't listen or is misinformed, and I've always regretted it. Never again.