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  • Retention

    I have been using AZO and Uribelle and Vicodin. Today, I am experiencing retention. How long does this last?

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    i know this is an older post. but you really shouldnt be taking AZO & Uribel together. Taking AZO is over doing it, since the Uribel helps with urethral burning, bladder spasms an all. All the dyes in both of those can do some serious irritation to the bladder. Even taking just the Uribel can cause retention. I experienced it myself. If i didnt wake up in the night to pee, and i hadnt gone for atleast 8 hours (which it helped alot with not getting up at night) when i would finally go in the morning, the dye would be so concentrated that my bladder would ach and hurt. They say to take up to 4 of them a day. The doctor has told me to take them really as needed. im only taking one every other day now. i have more burning and pain. but retention can do alot more damage to an already damaged bladder. for me atleast, I'd day its best to take a little pain with dealing with this, than to be a little more comfortable at the time and really only making yourself worse.
    I love my life with my wonderful husband, no matter how much "in sickness" rather than "in health" we go through.
    I had a cystoscopy with hydrodistention done on Feb. 26th to see if it would get me out of my horrible 8 month flare.
    Doing great so far! hoping i can stay this good with everything i'm doing!

    Things I've Tried: -Physical Therapy - Oxybutynin - Pyridium - LOTS of muscles relaxers/tranquilizers - Chiropractor - Rescue Instillations
    - Lyrica
    What I'm doing now:
    -Elmiron 200mg 2X a day - Uribel 2-3x a day - Baclofen 10mg @ night - Atarax 10mg @ night- Lidocaine patches when needed - Generess Fe
    -Formula 303 2-3X a day (homeopathic muscle relaxer recommended by my Urologist for muscle problems after antibiotic)
    -Aloe Vera juice
    -P.P.T. tea with Buchu leaf
    -IC diet
    -Stress relief yoga
    -Kitty snuggles & watching my reef tank