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Has Urelle changed recently-it's not the same pill and I'm in a flare

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  • Has Urelle changed recently-it's not the same pill and I'm in a flare

    Has anyone else received a different looking pill for urelle? I have used it sparingly the past couple years for flares. It alsways helped a lot. This past month when I got my prescription refilled the pill was blue, had a different # on it. The Urelle I had taken before was actually a shiny,slick roundish looking pill. This pill is different looking and does not take care of the problem. Is it just me and my pharmacy or it different now?

    I can't take anything with the red dye because it makes me flare worse. Is there any other urinary antiseptic?

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    Yes it has. I actually contacted the manufacturer and the said it has the exact same ingredients just not the sugar coated shell.


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      I've been taking the new version and it works as well for me as the old one did.


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        Did any of you get bloating and/or gassiness as a side effect of Urelle?
        History: IC diagnosis in 1995, then 10+ years remission, flared up again in 2009, now well controlled

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