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  • Elmiron itching

    Hi everybody,
    I suffer IC since 8 years and I started Elmiron nearly four weeks ago.I had itching, my doctor gave me an antihistamine'zyrtec), it helped at first but after some days, the itching was stronger and I had to reduce the dose of Elmiron to 2/day, now I have another antihistamine but it doe'nt help me more.I am allegic to Bactrim and I read differents emails from Terri, Kim and Malin,did your doctor say you must stop Emiron because it can be dangerous if you are allergic or not?
    Here in France, they said to me that, if I had not rash but only itching,it's possible to take it and must be careful of not having rash.What do you think about it?For me, Elmiron is the only drug I can have for IC , I cannot have instillation because I have a damaged nerve.So I hope I can continue Elmiron.
    Please, thank you for answerig
    Best wishes
    Sylvie from France

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    There is a drug they give you for itching and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. They gave it to me after both of my c-sections... Arg, can't remember. I don't think it was a simple antihistamine, but maybe it was... Hopefully someone will come along that knows. frown

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      Have you tried emptying the elmiron capsule into water and taking it that way? Some people have reactions to the capsule itself, but can take the contents with no problem.

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        I also had itching when I first started Elmiron. It lasted awhile but I am fine now with it and no problems.

        Certainly something to ask your Dr. about. I do take an antihistamine, Hydroxyzine, also.

        Benadryl liquid is something we have here that can be rubbed on the skin for itching, but again like always, check with your Dr.


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          Hi, so sorry to hear about your itching. I have been on Elmirin since March of 2000. I still get itchy from time to time but for the most part it does get better after several months of use. I do not take any allergy meds. I would assume that if you get a rash that would be something to think about and ask your doc.

          Good luck,


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            I had some itching when I first started Elmiron, and also had dry, itchy eyes. Both went away after a couple of weeks.