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dosage, can it be 600 mg a day, who what why?

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    When I started elmiron in October I was on 600mg a day then I went to 300mg, and now I am at 200mg.... I am having my first liver panel done next week. So far the only side effect I had was hairloss in the first 3 weeks, after that it went away. Good luck!


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      Dear Katrina when I started taking elmiron I was on 600mg and over time my hair started falling out. I then went back to 300mg and it has been working great for me. My doctor told me that once I started taking it I would always have to take it. Im really lucky my husband is on a good insurance plan to pay for it. When I stopped taking it after my hair fell out, what a bad mistake!! When I went for my next treatment I was all inflamed. When I told him my hair started falling out he jokingly said you have more hair than me. It made me laugh a little at myself for quitting and I got back on Elmiron. It took a couple months to get back to where I was before I quit. I know that they were doing a study at higher levels (like 800mg ) but my urologist told me to go down because he felt it did cause hair loss. I really hope things work out for you.


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        Well, my new urologist is of the opinion that 600 mg Elmiron per day is fine, and she prescribes it that way (300 mg, once in the a.m. and once at night). She strongly encouraged me to try it that way, and I (a) think she seems very well informed and (b) will try just about anything right now... so despite my reservations about it that I posted earlier in this thread, I have started taking this higher dose. So far I have not noticed any real side effects except for if I bump into the table or something, it causes a slightly bigger bruise now compared to before.

        I've been on the higher dose for a week and a half now; I'll let everyone know what the result is.


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        **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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          What is a liver panel? How do you know when you need one? How frequently? Always a little troubled about taking any kind of prescription med. for an extended time.


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            I am a male, 185 lbs, and I only take 300 mg. I talked to my doctor about it, and he told me that he would not usually perscribe any more than that.


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              In very layperson's terms (b/c I am sure not a doctor LOL) a liver panel is a bloodtest they run to check your liver enzymes. Some docs with patients on Elmiron want it done every 6 months, some once a year. I don't think my doc would have even had me do it if I hadn't brought it up to him. Now I have either my GP or uro prescribe the bloodwork. Which reminds me, I am probably due for that again.......

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                Thank you everyone for your replies....Jen I guess you and I will be letting everyong know how it goes! I too have noticed bruises bigger and sticking around big deal, and if your doc recommends this dose I have higher faith that it will help....right now since my body seems to be thicking worse is the direction to go for all my diseases it is definatly time to fight back with full forse.

                hugs to all
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