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    I may be travelling from Oregon to Brazil this summer (22-hour flight) & spending 5-6 days on a boat going up river. I've been before, but that was before IC. Now, it makes me nervous to think about all the things that would be out of my control. Would like to hear from anyone who's done extensive travel w/ IC. What things did you take w/ you to make the trip easier? What meds helped? Frequency is usually my only issue. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    A long plane ride is awful for my bladder. Plan several days of rest before you try the boat up river.

    You will need some kind of portable pottie for that boat ride. Check out this site for ones available.

    The boat ride may be hard on your bladder. What about some kind of a cushion?

    You are going to need all of the meds you would use at home and something for emergency infection and possibly nausea. I would think that taking pain medication with you would be a good option.


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      I do very well on planes. I do ask for a seat near a restroom --- and get up and walk around or just do some stretches occasionally. That always helps me. And when you make your travel reservation, be sure to let them know about special diet needs so you won't starve on the trip --- and carry some IC safe snacks.

      Also, when I go where I'm not sure about restrooms, I take some Travel Johns with me. If you use the Browse Our Site pull-down menu you'll find the link to shop-books and more. Yu may also want to carry some toilet tissue --- a roll in your suitcase might be a good idea --- and you can carry some folded in your purse "just in case."

      I just know you'll have a good time.

      Sending an encouraging hug,
      Stay safe

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        Plane rides are hard on me as well, but like Donna I make sure to get an isle seat near the lavitories. That way I can get up when needed and not have to worry about disturbing others. My father works for the UN and works in europe so I am used to the long flights. Make sure you have your travel agent tell the airlines that you need special food. A lot of their meals have made me go into miny flares. Good luck on your trip though. I miss flying. The last time I was on a plane I got yelled at by the stewardess when I got up though to use the lavitory while we were in the air about to land. I usually like to get up and go right as the person says we are getting ready to decend, because sometimes the pressure of landing makes me have an accident if I haven't emptied prior. Anyway, that scene embaressed me enough to not want to go anywhere for a while.
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