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    I was on Elmiron for about six months when I had to go off it for my upcoming surgery. I was able to make it through the hair loss and the terrible nausea, and now I miss it! I can't start taking it again until two weeks after the surgery. I'm hoping it won't take that long to kick back in again. In the meantime, the IC is giving me fits. Then again, everything is because I had to disrupt the pattern with a number of medications. I dread having all that IV fluid in me because I won't be able to rest on the day of the surgery. I should just have someone prop me up on the toilet.
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    Hi Christy,
    I hear you on this. Kind of scary to be on Elimron especially when you fee like it is working for you then have to get off like that.
    What kind of surgery if you dont mind me asking?
    Just my guess but I think that you missing a couple weeks of it wont do the BLADDER much harm at all being as though we would like to think that by now your bladder lining is well on its way to being NORMAL! Now I can understand that it really might affect your flare ups but I think it will be fine just as long as you get back on it as soon as you can
    Take Care *hugs*


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      I have read comments by others that it doesn't take long for the elmiron to help again when it's stopped temporarily for a surgery or other reason.

      Depending on the type of surgery, you might discuss with your doctor the possibility of having a foley catheter to help get through the first day or two after surgery.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Thank you for your responses. I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, but I had surgery on December 23rd. I had another laparoscopy to remove my endometriosis, as well as to perform a presacral neurectomy (cutting of the nerves to the uterus in an attempt to control my chronic pelvic pain). The recovery went smoothly, with the exception of last Saturday when I spent the day in the ER to rule out a DVT. I've done surprisingly well without my Elmiron, and the catheter they used during the surgery actually seemed to have stretched the urethra for a short period of time. I have a very small urethra, which keeps me from being able to completely empty my bladder. I felt almost normal voiding during the first few days post-op, so it's one of the few times I can say I really enjoyed the catheter!
        Endo, chronic pelvic pain, IBS, IC, LS, FMS, CFS, GERD, possible adeno