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Just wondering if Elmiron helps "most" people

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    I believe the actual % of people helped by Elmiron is 37%. Most do not see an improvement until at least 6 months.
    Hope you are one of those 37%.



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      Just want to add my praise of Elmiron. I have been on it 10 months now. At about 3 months I first noticed slight improvement of my symptoms. Since then, I have had VERY GRADUAL but fairly steady improvement. Last month I had a flare and was afraid that might be the end of the road for me as far as how much improvement I would get from the Elmiron. Not so! Once I was past that ugly little flare (it was small compared to the flares I had in the beginning), I went back to feeling better. It dawned on me yesterday that this week has been the best I have felt since my IC journey began 1 1/2 years ago. While I don't feel "normal" yet, I know I am getting close to that. A year ago I was absolutely miserable. How grateful I am that Elmiron is working for me and I NEVER want to stop taking it! Others have stated the importance of allowing plenty of time for it to work. I believe that is the key to success with this med. I know how HARD it is to be patient and just hope it will work. Now I can say it was so worth the wait! To those just beginning treatment with Elmiron, hang in there! I really hope it will work for you, too!


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        BarbRn and Peggy Anne

        This is funny, my son and his wife live in Henderson also and my daughter-in- Law also has IC . Hers is 99% under control.
        I was living in Boulder City until Dec.2003.
        Blessed Be!!
        There is more to life than fighting IC!!!


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          They was not working for me, I found something els that is working for me now which is the aloe vera caps , They are pure natural avc-100 with coral calcium.
          Angela aka sleepyangel30