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Anyone on oral elmiron and elmiron instills at the same time?

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    I just had my 6th DMSO instillation yesterday and had a very long day at work from it.
    I had noticed the last few times I had one done the day after I got G.I. issues....
    I spent quite a bit of the day in the bathroom....At first I was constipated but than
    low and behold I got diarrhea it lasted for quite a few hours...I wanted to know if
    anyone else ever had this reaction to the DMSO instillations...If so could you let me
    know..I beleive that is my last one I will have especially how I have reacted to them
    these past weeks...I will start the Elmiron instills in a couple of weeks...Let me know
    if anyone has ever had this symptoms with this..
    IC for 2 yrs.
    Allegra 180mg.
    rhinocourt for allergies
    oxytrol patch
    prelief for acid
    patanol for allergies


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      I get 2 instills a week and am on 300 mg's of Elmiron daily.
      Happily Married to my dh for seven years.
      Loving my adopted Cats!

      Diagnosed with Vulvodynia May 2001
      Was on Neurontin. Worked Great for a few years till I hit a plateau and it stopped making me feel better.

      Diagnosed with IC March 2006
      Currently on Elmiron


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        Re: Anyone on oral elmiron and elmiron instills at the same time?

        I take 400 mg per day and had instills for about 6 weeks during a flare, lots of stress at the time. Now just the oral, it has helped me 100 percent, though ai would like to taper down, my liver count is good.
        Symptoms since 2011
        Diagnosed Jan 2016 with hydro, no hunners, worked for a couple months, had a second last July. Don't work too long for me.
        Tried, Detrol, Ditropan, Vesicare, Uribel, My-something. Too many to remember.

        Elavil 25 mg morning
        Elmiron 200mg morning and 200mg night. Seriously took months to work.
        25 mg Hydroxyzine bedtime
        Aloe Vera mornings

        Baking soda, azo and Oxytrol sometimes helps if I start a flare, stress plays a hugh part for me with flares.

        Just keeping the faith!!