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  • Sore Throat?

    I've been taking Elmiron about a week now or so and about 2-3 days after I started taking it my throat started hurting, and hurting BAD. I havent had a fever or I'd of been to the doctor by now.

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? If its not gone by tomorrow I'm going to see my gp cause I cant stand this, I can barely swallow and if I didnt have to take enough pain meds for the rest of my body, I'm having to take them for my throat now too! UGH!

    Hugs, Sandy

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    Hi there,
    I do remember reading one of the side effects of Elmiron is sore throat. I believe that it says to call your doctor if that occurs. hope you are feeling better soon.


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      Thanks so much Cindy. I'm going to have to look it up again in the handbok called "Turning Point" I recently got in the mail and see what it says.

      I'm now running a low grade fever of 99.6, which worries me, considering how my throat feels, which is awful.

      Thank you for the help......I feel so silly, I'm a RN/ was a RN,anyway :-( but I'd never even heard of elmiron til this site and my uro.

      Gonna go check it out now. Hugs, Sandy