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Flaring, trying to figure out why.

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  • Flaring, trying to figure out why.

    I have been on Elmiron for like a year and a half, but I never felt sure if the elmiron was helping or if it was the fact that I was learning about the diet, etc. So, I (for like 3 months) was only taking one or two pills a day instead of the three that my uro recommended. (bad girl!) I am now in the worst flare of my life and I am wondering if that had something to do with it. Anyone with similar experiences????? Thanks!!!!!!!!! Melissa banghead

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    I'm not sure exactly what's causing your flaring, but I have found incredible relief by double-teaming IC with Elmiron and a dietary supplement called Prelief. I take the Prelief with food or drink that are likely to cause me discomfort, and my flare-ups have been dramatically reduced. Prelief is basically just calcium and magnesium, so there's very little concern about interactions or side effects. Good Luck!


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      I was once told by a doc office that I didn't have IC and to stop Elmiron...I didn't believe them but did what they said....big error...I was so happy that I got a second opinion on that fast and started it back up or my flare would have been longer and worse.

      HOpe you get better soon......
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        Katrina, thanks for your reply. You have peaked my curiosity because I am being treated at Mayo as well and I read your IC story and saw that you had been treated at Mayo. I was wondering how long it took you to getting back to normal after you started back on the elmiron? Thanks for the reply!!! )