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    I saw my gyno for annual check up this week and he prescribed Birth control pills. I wonder if anyone else has used them to control hormonal fluctuations? His thinking is that it will keep hormone levels at a certain level thru out the month and the really awful/painful week prior to my period ( with IC symptoms and pain and pressure) will be minimized. Curious to know if this has been successful for anyone else? At my age I didn't think I would be doing the BC pill thing again LOL please advise
    IC diagnosed in 2002
    Endometriosis (per gyn)
    Tubal ligation 1992

    Fem Con Fe,Prosed DS, Rescue Instillations,Vicodin (as needed), Valium (as needed),Aloe Vera Caps and Cystoprotek

    Meds tried:
    Elmiron (fuzzy thinking)
    Neurontin (fuzzier thinking)
    Enabalex(bladder felt like a rock)
    Ambien CR (severe flare after one dose)

    Mother of two grown boys, RN ,wife and mother of a golden retriever and a gray tabby
    Antique collector and love a good flea market

    Just trying to find peace in the maddness of my IC world

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    Hi hi

    I take Ortho Evra to control hormones, but not for IC. It does work well though.
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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      I bet it's worth a try - they are doing all kinds of wonderful things with hormones these days. The thing is, everyone is so individual. What works for one makes another worse. I couldn't take oral contraceptives because they greatly exacerbated my migraines, and didn't do a thing for my IC. I am now on Ortho Evra, a patch, so the levels are constant all the time except when you take it off to have a period. Now I hardly get migraines at all, ever. I can't tell if it helps with IC or not.


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        I bet it's worth a try - they are doing all kinds of wonderful things with hormones these days. The thing is, everyone is so individual. What works for one makes another worse. I couldn't take oral contraceptives because they greatly exacerbated my migraines, and didn't do a thing for my IC. I am now on Ortho Evra, a patch, so the levels are constant all the time except when you take it off to have a period. Now I hardly get migraines at all, ever. I can't tell if it helps with IC or not.


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          My gyn works with ic patients and said birthcontrol would help. but seeing that my insurance don't cover it and i plan to have not more children he put me on megace to stop my periods. I have taken them since oct and have spotted but the pain during the time I would have a period is gone.. I still have bad pain but during my period i was not able to function.
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            My dr. is a urogynocologist so he takes care of just about all my health care issues and has promised to follow me trough my years to get pregnant and during any pregnancies. He knows my I.C. issues because he treats me for that too. It's great. He put me on continuouls birth control pills so that I wouldn't have harmonal fluctuations. I only take the active pills so I never have a period. When I'm not in a flare I try to stop every 4 months but when I was due to stop I was in a terrible flare so he said not to worry about it I didn't need to have a period that often if it was going to exasberate my flare. It's helped some I think. I used to notice a differnence in my I.C. the week I was on my period and now that isn't an issue.

            I was taking lo overal but I started having some breatkthrough bleeding since I hadn't had a period in so long so they switched me to Yasmin which is higher in harmones. The only side effects were bigger boobs and loosing weight both of which were o.k. with me. My boobs were a bid tender the first month but that stopped. It hasn't caused the water weight gain that most BC can cause. So for me this has been a good treatment decision for my I.C.



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              I have been on continous birth control pills for my IC pain and endo for 12 years now. I recently once again tried to come off them again for 3 months as I am getting older. Well, the worst 3 months of IC pain I have had in 15 years. Now my gyn wants to do a hysterectomy. I must consult with my uro before doing this and get his opinion = will taking out my uterus make my bladder worse? Any one with experience here care to share please.If it does make it worse then I dontwant to do that . I thought there might be someone out here with this experience.
              Thank you for any replies. I have asked like 3 people who post daily but got no responses - usually why I don't post. But, I really would like some personal insights here before doing surgery.

              Thank you,
              Miss Vicky

              Thank you


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                Hi, Vicky, I'm sorry but I don't have experience with the hysterectomy/IC connection. I do know that hormones play a powerful role in IC and everyone is so different in terms of what helps and what hurts. Best of luck to you. Sorry I can't help more.


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                  Hi Vicky,

                  I was scheduled for a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding but I have decided not to have it done. My second opinion (urogynecologist) said that it wouldn't help my IC and since it would weaken the pelvic floor I might end up with incontinence (which thankfully I don't have to deal with). My physiotherapist who I see for pelvic floor therapy and who specializes in bladder problems also advised against it. I am perimenopausal and feel that I can wait these hormonal changes out. I've had lots of tests done and there is no medical reason to have my uterus removed. I hope this doesn't confuse you more!


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                    I also take BC pills continuously, and it has helped tremendously with the pain, cramping and pressure I had before my periods. Previously I had tried BC pills 3 weeks on/one week off. That didn't make any difference.

                    I now have not had a period in over a year. I am concerned about that and plan to talk to my obgyn next month on my BC pill use long term. But for now, I can honestly say this is the best answer to relief I have had yet.



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                      I am in my monthly ovulatory flare and I really want to die. Really! I am going to my NP on Thursday because my urologist is 200 miles away from my home.

                      What types of birth control is everyone using for keeping hormone levels even throughout the month? Estrogen and progesterone? Patches work better than pills? What about the low dose patches I have seen on TV advertisements? Three years ago I tried micronor .35 mg daily, worked like a charm for 6 months and then I got one continual would not end until after I quit taking the micronor. I lost ten pounds and I only weighed 99. Is it mostly an experiment to see what is right for you?

                      Also, does age make that big of a difference? I am 46.....but the pain is immense...does the benefit outweigh the risks? I do not smoke or drink alcohol...who can???? ugh!, but what other health risks would deter someone from taking birth control?

                      I swear to God above that this is the very last month that I am going to put up with this pain and flare. All ultrasounds are normal. No infections anywhere in my body. Everything was checked out on Friday Feb. 27 at my dr. 200 miles away! I do DMSO every other week, and I have had to stop taking imipramine because of the GI disturbances. Right now all I have is tylenol, advil, and that horrible codiene laced stuff--lortabs, vicodin, and I cannot stand them!

                      Sorry this is so long, but anyone that has any info, please email me: [email protected]

                      Thanks so much



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                        See my post above, same topic. Ortho Evra is a patch that works wonders to smooth everything out - the hormonal fluctuations anyway. It has estrogen and progesterone, and is strong enough to be used as birth control, so it overrides your own hormones to a large extent. You can control when you want to have a period too. I have been on it for 14 months. It really helps my migraines, and mood swings, but not so much the IC.


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                          Thanks for the response. Oh yes I would worry about the bladder dropping or the incotinence. My mother just had this done not even 6 weeks ago and now other celes are dropping. My uterus would be taken out for endometriosis. Thank you - I think I am going to ask my gyn to do a laparascopy as it has been 12 years since the first one. They can do the lap. with my hydro/DMSo.That way I could have an idea how bad the endo is, if it still exist etc. Get the first picture . Thanks I will think about this.

                          Vicky I understand then you will need a pelvic floor surgeon to fix you after the hyst


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                            A word on BC doses...I was taking orthocyclin for the longest time (3 weeks hormone same low dose, 1 week placebo). This didn't seem to cause a flare. However, insurance decided to increase cost of ortho so my doc suggested I try triphasil (it may be similar to ortho tri-cyclin?), which increases the dose of hormone during the 3 weeks. This was a bad idea. Flared every week before my period--not to mention i was a lot moodier/angier. After my 3 month "trial" of the triphasil I switched back to the orthocyclin. Haven't had flares associated with hormonal fluctuation since (3 months now). My husband said he'd much rather pay a couple extra bucks a month and have me feeling well.


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                              I take Ovcon-35 for three months straight then take the placebo for a week to have a period, then go back on it for three months straight, etc. Hormone fluctuations were triggering IC and VV flares the week before my period and would continue for the entire week I had my period. I have seen drastic improvement since starting this regimen. It has helped me sooooo much. And the last time I had a "period" it was literally nothing but minor spotting -- even better, if you ask me!

                              For me the only downside is that I'm more moody/emotional than I was before starting this regimen, but it's not unmanageable -- just something I try to keep in mind when I'm feeling less stable than usual. wink

                              It's worth giving a shot. I had actually suggested the regimen to my gynecologist because I noticed the flares occuring in conjunction with cyclic changes, so we decided to give it a go to see if it would help, and it did. Good luck!

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