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    I take Orthocept (the slightly lower dosage form of Orthocyclen, which I used to take but felt made my bladder symptoms worse) which is now available in generic form called Avril. The generic form is much cheaper than the brand-name.

    Since Orthocept is made by the same company as Orthocyclen, you should find out if there is a generic version of Orthocyclen now available. I haven't noticed any difference any of the inactive ingredients might have on my symptoms.

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      Hi, I was on hormones for close to a year because my dr. gave me lupron inj. to stop my pelvic pain. Well during that time my pain became worse, and to find out that some hormones irritate the bladder as I was told. Once the dr. took me off the hormones the pain decreased. So I guess its different for everyone.
      Good luck.


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        Nuva Ring or Mirena

        I was wondering if anyone here as ever tried- the Nuva Ring or Mirena which is an IUD. I am currently taking Yasmin but due to other health conditions my doctor recommended one of the above as a alternative. I was just wondering if anyone tried on of them and what their experience was. I know everyone is differnent but it would help. Thanks