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    I was searching through old messages I'd posted under my old screen name and came across this. I thought it might help some of you out there. I found all this out in 2004 when I was taking elmiron .

    "If you call 1-888-ELMIRON or visit and you can get this mini kit that has a pill divider to keep up with your meds, newsletters, a booklet on Elmiron which I apparently need to read a bit more carefully lol, and some great info.

    I found out that you can also qualify for reduced or free RX's of Elmiron but you must get your doctor to get the form and have the RN there fill it out according to the info you give them.

    As broke as I am I should qualify.

    I hope this helps the new people, and maybe some of the angels that have been here quite a long time.

    Hugs, Sandy

    oops! I forgot, the phamplets, etc, are called Turning Point, and they are great ."
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    Thanks Sandy, Very helpful indeed!
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      Thanks Sandy! I also found the site,, where you can receive discounts or help with all kinds of prescriptions if you qualify. I don't, oh well, but it looks pretty straightforward and I have seen it on the Montel show, so I think it's real legit.


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        Thanks, I have a friend's Mom who's doctor thinks she has IC, She goes in for a hydro on March 5. I am printing any and all information (diet, medication) that I can find to give to her.