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Elmiron Side effects?

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  • Elmiron Side effects?

    Hi Everyone,
    I started taking Elmiron last Friday. Everything went fine until Monday afternoon. Suddenly, without warning I started getting cold sweats and became very ill. I had the most awful stomach pains and throwing up. Then the other end started (if you know what I mean). By Tuesday evening, I was fine, so I took another pill. Well, within an hour it all started all over again. I go so sick that I didn't even produce any urine for over 24 hours. My bladder was actually very calm and pain free thankfully. I'm thinking that I can't tolerate Elmiron (okay, so that might be understating it a bit). Any thoughts?
    Legally Blind (since birth)
    Hysterectomy (uterine prolapse) 12/02
    TVT bladder sling- 12/02
    TVT Sling was too tight and I could not pass urine without a cath. When the sling was being cut, dr accidentally sliced my urethra. Formed UrethaVaginal Fistula.
    Urethravaginal Fistula Repair- 5/03
    Muliple bouts with kidney stones after surgeries.
    Surgery to repair defect in left kidney 6/04, 8/04
    RectoVaginal Fistula Repair- 11/04
    IC-suspected by Dr, but not confirmed
    Started Elmiron 2/16/07

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    You might want to try dumping the contents of the capsule into water and taking it that way. It's not unusual to have problems with the capsule itself. I do think you should talk with your doctor about it first.

    Stay safe

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      I hope those symptoms have subsided and you find out whether you are able to take the elmiron or not.
      I know it helped me for years.
      Take care!
      Tons of support,

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