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  • hair loss

    i need some help desperatly

    hair loss
    i only wash my hair once a week
    last wed i lost mega hair..
    so i stopped elmiron..for 5 days

    went back on yesterday
    and today...mega hair loss in the shower again

    how long...after stopping elmiron does the hair loss stop?
    Quit ELMIRON due to hair loss
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    I am sure it's a bit different for everyone, but it seems I have read around here that most go off for like 2 weeks, then back on. But I would talk to my doctor about it to get the official scoop
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      If you are asking how long before the shedding stops after you stop Elmiron completely, the answer I have heard frequently is about 1 month. And even though I was only on it for 5 weeks, that is about how long it took before my shedding subsided. It takes a long time to go through the life cycle of a single hair, and follicles affected today could take up to a month before they fall out. Plus this medication seems to stay in your system for awhile.

      One of the recommendations I read here was to take Biotin, a vitamin supplement. I don't know if it will do a thing for my hair - but wow, do my nails look great. After just one week I noticed a huge difference. They were stronger and growing faster. I hope it is having the same effect on my hair, but I understand it can take months before you see any difference with your hair.