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Elmiron causing blood in stool?

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  • Elmiron causing blood in stool?

    I have been on elmiron since July 2006. It seems to be helping as I recently have been able to add some foods back into my diet. I have not really had any problems with it until recently when I notice blood in my stool. I have an appointment with my GI doctor who has treated me for Gerd. I called my urologist to see if this was a common side effect. I was told to go off the elmiron until I was evaluated by my GI doctor. I know I will end up having a colonoscopy which is fine as I am 49 years old and it is about that time. However I am worried that if it is the elmiron they may take me off of it. Has anyone ever had this side effect and did you have to stop the elmiron? My dr has me on 200 mgs twice a day. I really don't want to stop it as it has helped me a great deal. If I can't take it any longer what else can I take? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    It's possible, but I wouldn't call it probable. It may be that you will have to reduce your dosage. Are you taking any other medications?

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      Hi Donna,
      Thanks for the reply. Yes I am taking 25 mg hydroxyzine and 50 mg of elavil. I do follow the IC diet also and have only added back in a few things. I feel like I have come so far so I am somewhat discouraged by this. Thanks!


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        I had small amounts of blood in my stool also from the Elmiron. Very small amuonts, hardly noticeable. Elmiron also causes loose stools, sometimes diahreah. I stopped Elmiron for about 10 days to see if it was really helping me (pain increased, so I guess it IS helping!), and the blood in my stools seems to have cleared up. Like you, I'm 50 and need to get a colonoscopy soon, but I told my GP that I want to wait until I can maybe reduce the Elmiron...don't want to go thru a lot of unnecessary tests/diagnoses if it's all due to the Elmiron! Let me know what happens with your situation.


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          I had blood in my stools when I took elmiron. The elmiron caused me to have diarrhea and because of the contant diarrhea, I developed internal hemmoroids. I now instill the elmiron instead of taking it orally.


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            I have been on elmiron for at least 6 months and I suffer major stomach problems now. I now take protonix every morning and a reglan 30 mins before I eat anything or I get these horrible upper abdominal pains like the food is stuck or something.

            How do you instill elmiron?

            Thanks for sharing.

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              I open the pills, mix with sterile water, sodium bicarb. and marcaine and instill thru a catheter. There are many posts on elmiron instills, try typing into the search engine.
              I am doing even better on the instills than I did taking elmiron orally. I've had a few bladder infections as a result but have been instilling now for over 2 years.


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                Hello friends. Please decide to have a colonoscopy ASAP if you are 40 or older and sooner if you are bleeding or having other problems. My Daughter's life was saved by having this test done and she was only 41. They found cancer but it was so small that they were able to cure it right away. Her Family Doctor wanted it done before a hysterectomy. The Specialist didn't see any reason to do it but did it anyway. He told us while she was in recovery that had it not been done at that time, the news would not be good. I care, Ziggy